Chapter 69 Omake: Volumes

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Editor: 5d100

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「Here, Momoi-san. This is the SAO light novel I was telling you about earlier.」


「Wow Andou-kun-! You actually brought it with you! Thanks~♪」


「Yeah, no worries! Just so you know, the first volume of SAO establishes most of the setting and premise of the story, so it can take quite awhile to read through it. Will you be okay with that?」


「Is that so~? Hmmmm~… It IS Sakura’s favorite novel though, so I’ll give it a shot♪」


Three days later


「Andou-kun, thanks for the book~♪」


「Oh, Momoi-san. You finished SAO. How was it?」


「It was entertaining~ But, Andou-kun, you said last time that『The first volume establishes most of the setting and premise~』, does this happen as well in the later volumes?」


「It does. So, volume one is a complete work by itself, volume two is a compilation of short stories within the setting of the first book, and the continuation of the story with new developments starts in volume three. If you’ll like, I can lend you the next volumes?」


「Hmm~ I don’t feel comfortable borrowing that many books off you;  I’ll just buy the rest of the books♪」


「You sure… ? Well, alrighty then… But, just putting it out there, if you do change your mind, I’ll lend you the books anytime.」a


「Yeah, yeah… It’ll be fine~ It’ll be fine~♪」


Fumu fumu, in other words, there should only be about 3-4 volumes left right~? I can purchase at least that much with my allowances~♪ (Momoi)


I wonder if Momoi-san will be okay… SAO has 20 volumes of its main story, and 11 volumes of side stories, for a total of 31 volumes… (Andou)


Later on, once Momoi found out the truth, it goes without saying that she borrowed the rest of the volumes off Andou. 


Editor’s note:

A: I thought it might be fun to add a reference to Ace Ventura here. He normally says, “well, alright then.”

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