Chapter 70 Omake: Mail

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Editor: 5d100

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「F-Finally, I have it…………」


【Asakura-san’s Address Book】











108.「Andou-kun」 ← New


「YAHOOOOOOOOO! I finally got it! Ahhhhh, Andou-kun’s contact~~!」


Fufufu… Furthermore, as mentioned before, for the purpose of『Andou-kun practicing emailing,』I’ll be sending him emails! How marvelous! Not only did I get his contact info, but I also have a reason to contact him! (Sakura)


「I-I’m not going to let this opportunity slide…」


First, I’ll send a simple email to Andou-kun today as promised. Let’s see… What should I write about? (Sakura)


「Ah- Mmm- That’s not it… that doesn’t sound right …」 *muttering to herself*


It should be more like… a simple email that even Andou-kun, who isn’t accustomed to emails, can respond to with confidence… (Sakura)


2 hours later


「I-It’s done!」


『Dear Mr. Andou, 


 I apologize for writing to you in this manner so late at night. 


 Now then, how are you presently? The nights have been getting chillier lately. Even on cold nights, I can’t sleep, as my heart is burning for you. a


 Oh my, even if it is penned this way, it is naught as the thoughts that run across your mind perchance. It has no bearing, so please banish such illusions away. 


 By the by, thank you for taking time today to assist with improving my acting skills. The time that I spent with you today will become a precious memory. 


 Oh but of course, I must stress that my writing must surely sound as though I’m deeply in love with you, but this is just me feeling personally indebted towards you, and nary has it to do with affection; therefore do not misunderstand me.


 Now then, I had written earlier that I had often had trouble sleeping at night, but how about yourself?

 If, perchance, you can’t think of a response to pen back, perhaps you can write about how your night has been. 


 This is not a personal request, but rather, twas a suggestion. When you’re unsure on how to reply, you should write about your present situation. It is not because I personally have a vested interest in it, mind you, so please make no mistake. 


 Anyhow, back to the topic at hand, what kind of clothes do you wear at night? Is it pajamas? Or a yukata? D-Don’t tell me, not even a single thread on you… By the way, I—』 ← This continues three times further.


「Hmmm, I’m not sure… I’ve been fretting way too much about this, but I think I did fairly well on this!」 ← Thinking too much about the contents of the email that her head has gone bonkers


T-Then… let’s send it! (Sakura) Beep!




Ring~a~ding~~♪ ← ringtone


「I already received a reply!?」


F-For the response to be this fast… W-Wasn’t Andou-kun supposed to be bad at writing emails? (Sakura)


「Let’s see, let’s see~ What did Andou-kun write–」


『This email could not be sent because it contains too many characters』




At this very moment at Andou-kun’s


「Asakura-san’s email… it’s not here yet…」


Editor’s Note:


a: TLDR: I think about you at night, but it’s not because I like you or anything… (b-baka)


Translator’s Note: 

Happy New Year 2022! Finally had some free time off work, so those last 3 chapters were done 3 days in a row. Haha. Next update is likely to be closer to end January when Chinese New Year happens.

How’s everyone been? I’m trying mentally to stay focus on things albeit been relatively out of sorts. It’s a struggle. COVID really has made it worst as most of my friends and family aren’t around. Loneliness kills… especially if you’re living on your own. Please don’t end up like me.

Also, don’t be like me when attempting to compensate your loneliness with things. I ended up spending on a new hobby which is to buy a custom keyboard. Keebing is expensive, and I haven’t even gotten any cute customize clay keys. Derp.

Another hobby that I got into as well was buying new starter fountain pens. It feels nice to write in different ink colors. Inks are expensive though in my currency. T_T but the Pilot Iroshizuku ones are so darn pretty.

Do you guys keeb or own a fountain pen collection? Please share photos with me as it’ll be nice to see em.

By the way, in case anyone is confused… mails which is Japan’s version of SMS are essentially emails but they do have character limits like how a typical SMS is like. Haha… So yes, Asakura-san overdid it as always. She’s just too adorable.

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