Chapter 72 Omake: A Day in the Life of a Part-Timer 

Translator: Kriz

Editor: 5d100

First published on Ainushi



11:00 Wake up


「Ah~ I’m so sleepy… I drank too much till it was late last night… Well, obviously it was just me, drinking by myself alone at home. Haa…」


13:00 Lecture at the university


「Mmm, as you can see, South Africa has a deep connection with Gunma—」




I really want to quit this lecture~ I took this up initially because there were a bunch of hotties but it’s already the second half and they haven’t even shown up. What a miss~ (Waitress)


18:00 Part-time work




Ah~ I’m working “diligently”…  (Waitress)




Wah! That customer’s goddamn handsome! (Waitress)




22:00 On the way home




Today, there wasn’t even one decent guy huh… Hmm? (Waitress)


「Oh, who would expect there’ll be a new convenience store right around here…」


I’m fairly sure I’m out of snacks and chuhai…? Then as a reward to myself, I wonder what shall I get~♪ (Waitress)






「Welcomeー」 *Grins* ☆


Ah, this shop attendant is such a hottie… (Waitress)


「…………」 *spaces out~*


「Excuse me, is anything the matter?」


「Eh! Ah, no… I was just not expecting a convenience store to pop up around here… Ah, is the store hiring any part-timers by any chance?」


「Yes, we just opened about a week ago. We’re looking for new hires to join us as part-timers. Would you be interested?」 *Grins* ☆


Eh! Is that an invitation to work part-time!? W-W-What should I do… I’m already working as a part-timer at the moment but―― (Waitress)


「I-I’ll do it! I’m game for the work!」


「Eh, you sure?」




But, more importantly, it’s to meet someone new! (Waitress)



And just like that, the number of part-time jobs she had increased.

Translator Note:

Man, this waitress chick sure is pitiful. Seeing Andou with his harem constantly and just seriously failing at finding hot guys, then getting lured into classes/part-time work because of said failings. Haha…

In other news, am alive. Won my first raffle for a custom resin keycap. Bought a second hand desktop which I probably eventually have to save money to upgrade parts.

Been feeling mellow due to the news about the Russia-Ukraine war. My heart goes out to the Ukrainians who have to suffer due to one man’s self-centred political agenda. Worst, I see how everyone is treating civilized Russians who didn’t ask for the war as cruelly as how the world was hating on Chinese people because of COVID. They did not ask for this. Do not discriminate the good ones. Prejudices stemming from vilifying the innocent only encourages an eventual World War 3. Sigh…

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