Chapter 73 Omake: What if Asakura-san had reincarnated into another world…

Translator: Kriz

Editor: 5d100

First published on Ainushi

「Ugh… Where am I?」 *looks around, restlessly*


「You’re awake.」


「Eh? Aren’t you… Class Rep?」


「No, I’m God, not a class representative.」


「Can’t be… You’re class rep.」




「But, Class Re—」




「Yes, right… Well then, why are you here God? More importantly, where am I and what is this blank space?」


「Let me explain. This is Heaven. You slipped on a banana peel, hit your head on a flat wall and died because an angel in Heaven carelessly dropped it on Earth.」


「Wait WHAAAAAAATTTTTT!?  What the heck!? That’s a strange way to go! I mean, I died because an angel dropped a banana peel!?」


「Indeed… No matter how you look at it, it was our mistake that caused your death. As a way to at least make amends, we would like to reincarnate you into another world, although it is impossible for us to do so in your original.」


「Hueee~! Re-reincarnate!? C-Could it be… That world has magic or whatnot?」


「Yes, it does.」


「And, and… there are elves and goblins?」


「Yes, there are.」


「A-A-And Andou-kun’s there too —」


「He is! That’s a given.」


「Are you kidding me!?」


YAHOOOOOOOOOOO! When she told me I’d died, I didn’t know what to expect but who would have thought reincarnation!? Then, will this lead to… that? (Asakura)


「B-By the way… reincarnation wouldn’t happen to come with some sort of cheat abilities, will there?」


「Of course! We will give you whatever you desire as a reincarnation benefit, to the best of our abilities.」


「I-IT’S HERE—-!!!」


I knew it! I knew it was going to lead to me getting a cheat! Mo-Moreover, it’s anything that I desire! W-What in the world should I wish for… If you say desires, as expected it’s only that which comes to mind… (Asakura)


「Now, tell me what it is that you desire… And I’ll grant you that one wish, any wish.」


What I desire the most—That’s got to be— (Asakura)


「Make my breasts bigger than Momo’s!」


「That wish… is beyond my power!」




「…… Farewell!」


-God has departed the stage-


「……HAH!?」 *falls flat*


Translator’s Notes: 

Moshi kano: The title. I choose to translate it as Perhaps They but if you read it closely it’s actually a pun on Kare Kano. Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou (the full title) otherwise known as His and Her Circumstances was a really fun Japanese manga to read about two people who get together whilst learning to deal with the different personas they have within them. I would say, this is the OG to Horimiya. Check it out when you get the chance.


Editor’s Notes: 

Are they just passing out Andous everywhere?

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