Chapter 76 Omake: Speed Reading 

Translator: Kriz

Editor: 5d100

First published on Ainushi




「Asakura-san, you seem stressed out. What’s the matter?」


「Andou-kyun! Mmm, the thing is… I read the manga version of the Narou light novel『I shall survive using Doping.』」


「Ohh! The survival fantasy light novel about the office worker that reincarnated into another world, trains her muscles with her cheat ability『Doping Creation』till its muscular, surviving in a magical world with only her doped muscles. That was a pretty good read. I also bought it the other day because I got points from the guerilla sale of the ebook.」


「That’s the one! Anyway, I bought the first volume of the light novel…」


「Hmm? It seems like you didn’t get very far, did you?」


「Yup, like, you know about half of volume 1’s story because it’s already in the manga. And if you think about it, there’s a lot of exposition in the early parts, and not a lot of major development… Well, that’s my impression of it at least.」


「Ah- So your interest waned.」


「Yeah… I know that it gets better in the future, but it’s so tedious to get through the opening bits that I can’t push past it~」


「Then, why not skip to the parts that you haven’t seen?」


「Isn’t that such a waste then? With it being the size of a tankouban, it’s priced at a 1000 yen!」


「Well, I can understand your feelings about that.」


「On the same subject, if you had read a manga version first and then purchased the light novel after, do you start from the very beginning or do you only skip to the bits that you don’t know, Andou-kun?」


「Nah, I’d be the same as you and start reading it from the beginning. Besides, there will be some bits from the original work that are omitted from the manga version, so I would like to enjoy the differences.」


「When it comes to light novels and maths, you take them seriously, don’t you? I understand what you mean but I have to be in the mood for it.」


「Then, why don’t you try speed-reading it?」


「Andou-kun… I know you just said『Why not speed-read?』without any hesitation, but you must be gravely mistaken if you think any high school student can read through a light novel in just a matter of seconds.」


「No, no, no! I wasn’t talking about the speed-reading that you’d find in light novels and manga, but rather, the more common kind… Look, the comic book version has cherry picked bits from the original story, and since you already know the gist of the story, you don’t have to read the whole novel. You can just skim the pieces that have already popped up in the manga. If you only take the time to read the parts that interest you, you can read the entire novel in 30 minutes, instead of the two hours that it would usually take for you to finish the manga.」


「I see…」


「So, do you get it now?」


「Yup, I now know that your ability to speed read is insane.」


「What do you mean!?」


Translator’s Notes:

I shall survive using Doping: Pun referencing Funa’s I shall Survive Using Potions. Was never a super huge fan of this because Funa’s comedy doesn’t resonate that well with me but I did like the premise. Check it out if you’re able to.

Editor’s Note: 

I do like the novel (survive using potions), and do recommend it. That being said, as far as what the character is referring to in this, I assume that they’re referring to Whey Protein and creatine used for bodybuilding, not the “hard” steroids.

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