Chapter 83: The Chicken Race 

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「It’s summer…」


It’s already been three days since summer vacation began… and still『no』contact from Andou-kun. (Asakura)


「Why!? I thought we were dating! We are『boyfriend』and『girlfriend』, aren’t we!? Why haven’t I heard a peep from him since summer vacation starteddddddddddddddddd?!」


Ah! I-Is Andou-kun perhaps the type who doesn’t feed the fish he captures orrrrrrr, the type of person who piles the novels he buys in his room? The so-called type that ‘buys a book, satisfied and without even reading it, and leaves it in the pile’!? Don’t tell me I’m being put aside as well!? (Asakura)


『Sorry, Asakura-san. I’m reading a new light novel today… I’ll call you once I’m done with this series, okay?』 ← Her imaginary image of Andou-kun


「Don’t treat me like that! Andou-kun, look at meeeeeeee!」


If this keeps up, that will probably end up happening… Ugh! I—I have a way to solve this! All I have to do is call him!

 After all, Andou-kun has never been the type to be proactive… This is the reason why I know I should be the one to make the first approach, but… (Asakura)


『Eh? Asakura-san. Did you expressly go out of your way to contact me? Sorry… I wasn’t paying enough attention to you… But the fact that you contacted me before I got in touch with you, that must mean you really missed me a lot. Oh, Asakura-san! You’re really――


 such a cutie…』 ← Her imaginary image of Andou-kun


「KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA! T-T-T-That’s not what it was! It’s not because I missed you so much that I initiated contact! B-but… no matter how I deny it, it is true that I『contacted』you first… Therefore I’m not surprised that you come to that conclusion, even as I deny it—- Ugh… No, that won’t do! I am the『prettiest girl in school』, my『perfect girl』pride won’t allow me to contact my boyfriend just ‘cause I miss him.」1


So it has to be『Andou-kun』who contacts me, otherwise it’s a no go! (Asakura)


「That being the case, I won’t reach out until Andou-kun gets in contact with me first! *Hmph*! If it’s painful for me since I can’t meet him, then I bet right now… Andou-kun must be so depressed that he can’t even read his light novels!

 But even so, I definitely won’t be the one initiating the call! Now come, if you want to see me, contact me right this instant!



  ……Haa, I miss you, Andou-kun~」


Three days later, Andou-kun’s house




「BWAHAHAHA! Oh man, this『When I reincarnated, I was a Shield』, is just bloody hilarious~~Bfft… AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!」2


「…… Hey, Onii-chan?」

「Yeah, what’s up?」

「Correct me if I’m wrong… but aren’t you now dating Asakura-senpai?」

「Yes, you seem rather well-informed.」

「『Well-informed』… ―― Of course the whole school knows that a person as popular as Asakura-senpai has a boyfriend!  It’s big news! And what’s more, it’s said that you’re the boyfriend… Do you know how difficult it’s been for me to lie about being your little sister?」

「Haa? Is there even a need for you to hide the fact you’re my sister?」

「It’s affected me in so many ways! Honestly, you light novel idiot!」

「That’s got nothing to do with it!」


Haa… It was seriously rough right before the start of the summer vacation. Obviously it was because, all of a sudden, there was this big news of my “sister-in-law” Sakura, and my brother, hooking up, which went around, and there I am sitting there proclaiming,『What!? I didn’t hear anything from onii-chan!』…

 And on top of that, everyone in school has been trying to find out the truth behind the rumors but――


・Sakura, the “sister-in-law” ← The person involved. Too much of a『beauty』and therefore hard to get close to. Not an easy person for anyone to just have a conversation with.

・Onii-chan ← The person involved. Too much of a『loner』and therefore hard to get close to. Unable to have a conversation once they begin to chat with him in a friendly manner.

・Me ← Onii-chan’s sister. Hang on! Isn’t this that person’s little sister? Alright, then let’s get our answers from her!

 ―― And so, you can imagine the headache it was on the day it happened, when all the first to third years came to my classroom to find out what was going on! At that time, if it wasn’t for Momoi-senpai and Class Rep-san anticipating this, and coming to my rescue, I don’t know what would’ve happened… (Sister)


「――Anyway, that’s not the point! Despite the fact that you are a『misfit』,『light novel otaku』,『loner』, and was in a lead candidate to leading『a lifelong poor, bachelor life』, you achieved the impossible miracle of snatching the『prettiest girl』… so how is it, Onii-chan,  that you’re been at home since the start of vacation?」

「You’re going on, and on, and on… I mean, how are you attaching these attributes to me…It’s like I’m a Narou protagonist with long-ass characteristic descriptors in his skill attributes…」


    Andou-kun Level 5 Strength 10 Friends 0 Attack 3 Defense 5 Speed 5

 Skills:『Socially inept』『Light Novel Otaku』『Leading Candidate for Lifelong Poor Bachelor Life』『Loner』『Has Prettiest Girl for a Girlfriend』

 Overall Ability: A Nobody


Well… I do get the heart of what she’s trying to convey… In other words, what my dear sister is trying to say is,『You got yourself a girlfriend, yet you’re not going on a date, and you’re just loitering at home reading light novels? You bastard!』. (Andou)


「However, my dear sister… Your brother didn’t run off, escaping into light novels, thinking that it was just a delusion that he has a girlfriend.」

「…… Then why have you left Asakura-senpai alone since summer vacation started?」

「Out of concern!」*serious face*!

「……Out of concern?」

「Yup! Summer vacation has just begun, and it’s my first time having a girlfriend, so I’ve been doing a bit of thinking… This summer vacation… should I get in touch with Asakura-san?」

「Uh huh…Hmm?」

「And then it occurred to me!

『I might be an annoyance if I take it upon myself to contact her』!」3



What in blazes is Onii-chan trying to say? (Sister)


「I mean, no matter how much it’s summer vacation, surely Asakura-san has plans too, right? Wouldn’t it be annoying if I call her up all the time just because we’ve just started dating? Those were the thoughts in my mind. That’s why I made up my mind for this summer vacation…

『I will not proactively contact Asakura-san!』!」 *smug face!*


「Also, Asakura-san hasn’t contacted me either, so clearly she must be busy with a lot of plans. After all, if she was free, she would have gotten in touch.」


Oi oi, this idio-nii-chan. Do you even understand sister-in-law’s character at all? Do you think that, with our tsundere sister-in-law, she would be the type to get in touch with you first? She’s definitely the type to be waiting on you to reach out to her first? (Sister)


「Id――Onii-chan… Let’s say, if Asakura senpai doesn’t reach out to you at all, what are you going to do then? Are you going to just let the summer holidays end as is, just because there was zero contact from her?」

「No, I mean, I am still in regular contact with her though? Well, it has already been a week… I think I’ll send her an email tomorrow to ask for her plans, then see if she can make time for me next week.」



In other words, since summer vacation has started, Onii-chan and sister-in-law have both been in this sort of state… (Sister)


『It’s the summer vacation! I wonder where Andou-kun will take me!? But I’m too embarrassed to ask him out… I know! I’ll just wait till Andou-kun contacts me first!』




『Summer vacation has just started, should I contact Asakura-san? However, I don’t know if Asakura-san is busy, so I better not call her!』




『『He’s not calling me at all……』』


「You’re not just stupid, Onii-chan, no, you are an idiot! In fact, you’re the biggest idiot out there!」

「Woahh!? S-Sis? What’s with you all of a sudden?」

「What’s with me? Don’t you even start! Onii-chan, call Asakura-senpai right this instant! And, you’re going on a date NOW!」

「N-Now!? You’re telling me to call her today, and also go on a date, today!?」

「That’s right! It’s only one o’clock, so there’s still time if you hurry!」

「No, but… There’s also Asakura-san’s circumstances to con――」

「If you don’t get your butt moving, I’m going to sell all the light novels in your room!」4

「Y-Yessssss, mam!」


And so… he hurriedly rang up Asakura-san, and immediately went on a date right after that.

Translator’s Note:

Andou-kun’s an idiot. LOL. And with this chapter, we’re now in Volume 3. Sorry for the long wait. I’ll add more about my IRL situation in the next chapter.

One notable change is that I’ve updated Imouto-chan’s monologue colors as I noticed we used pink interchangeably with her and Momoi-san. To make it consistent, she will now be a dark purple.


Editor’s note

  1. Careful Asakura, your tsundere is showing
    1. Pretty decent read. I personally recommend it too.
  3. I physically facepalmed at this point. It’s amazing how low his confidence is… (not that I’m one to talk…)
  4. I’m on her side on this one. Sis:1 | Andou: 0
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