Chapter 84: War (Date) 

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My girlfriend is erotic. (Andou)


「And get this, that Narou novel has already been adapted into a manga and drama CD! Isn’t it great?」

「Yup, it sure is. It’s rare to see a work adapted into various mediums so soon after the first volume’s release.」


When we first met up at the family restaurant, Asakura-san was in a bad mood for some reason; however she was in high spirits when we started talking about Narou. I’m sure she was in a bad mood because she had no one but me to talk about Narou novels with during the summer vacation. (Andou)


Ufufu! Oh, Andou-kun. As soon as he got to the meeting place, he was like—


『Oh? Did you change up your look for the summer holidays? You look so cute today, Asakura-san♪』


 —He said that! KYAAAA! Seriously, Andou-kun… ‘I wonder what I ought to do to you for neglecting me for almost a week?’ Those were the thoughts that were going through my mind…Yet,  even though we haven’t met for a while, he immediately noticed that I cut my hair by a millimeter and put on a cute hair slide that I hadn’t worn before… Indeed! That’s my boyfriend! (Asakura)


Oh! Or does it have something to do with the『magical words』that I said to Asakura-san when we met? Before I rushed out of the house, my sister pulled me aside—-


『Oniichan! There’s a chance that, when you meet up with Asakura-senpai later, she’ll be in a bad mood. So make sure the instant you see her to say the magical words first. Got it? Even if it goes without saying that you’re not the most attentive, women are creatures that are constantly changing. So as long as you say those words, everything will work out!』


 — I said that per her advice and it worked (as expected of her…). As a thank you, I’ll buy her an expensive ice cream. But, if I’m honest, I have no clue what’s changed about Asakura-san.

 All I know is that she looks very mature and『erotic』in that white dress with a black cardigan on, and with her hair pulled back lightly with a scrunchie. (Andou)


「And you know, the author of this work has already planned to write a different series next month!」



Reason Why Asakura-san is Erotic No. 1

 First of all, when she gets excited, she leans across the table whilst talking to me, but in doing so, the gap of her chest widens. It’s soooo hot!!! It’s so wide, I could almost see her breasts! (Andou)


「Furthermore, for some reason this work was deleted from Narou, but they’d decided to publish it as a novel!」



Reason Why Asakura-san is Erotic No. 2

 Asakura-san is wearing lip balm today, which somehow makes her lips shiny, and with her face so close in proximity to mine, it reminds me of the time we『kissed』, which is making me flustered. Moreover, it’s not good for me mentally having the face of the prettiest girl in front of me. (Andou)


「But, I’ve been thinking… haven’t writers been too reliant on goblins lately? I wonder why there’s been a goblin boom genre-wise such as,『That Time I Got Reincarnated into a Goblin』or『I’ve been killing Goblins, Yet I’m Still Level 1』?」

「Wouldn’t it be because it’s entertaining?」


Reason Why Asakura-san is Erotic No. 3

 I can’t look anywhere in front of me, as it’s too dangerous, so I look down to see Asakura-san’s long『legs』sticking out from the bottom of her dress! Asakura-san’s thighs are too eroticcccccccccc! What is that?! Is that art? In contrast with the image of her prim white dress, that absolute territory is so mysterious (Eden)! GUAAAAAA! I even feel a strange sense of immorality when I gaze at that! It can be said that Asakura-san never had such a loose guard at school, but… could this be the “boyfriend-girlfriend” effect?

 In other words, Asakura-san wanted me, her boyfriend, to see how attractive she is, so she came here in this perfectly coordinated outfit. What a thoughtful girlfriend she is… She may not have breasts, but she’s a beauty, has a good personality, is sometimes clumsy, cute, and is boyfriend-friendly. Isn’t she the best girlfriend? I… Is it really alright for me to have a girlfriend like her? Won’t I be punished?

 However, Asakura-san is only putting on this erotic outfit and gestures to『make herself look attractive』, and not because she wants me to『look at her from an erotic lens』. That being the case, wouldn’t it be rude of me to look at her in such an erotic way?… Right! Just as my sister had said, it’s a miracle that I even managed to land her as my『girlfriend』, she would surely despise me if I were to act that way! I was so emotional during the play that I ended up『kissing』Asakura-san, which is a big deal. But if you think about it normally, that would have been a police matter, or at the very least, a school suspension.


 That’s why I have to be careful!


 Not to mention those lustful looks that just I gave her… But at the very least, I’ll temper down these lustful feelings that are overflowing from me, so that Asakura won’t notice that I want to『kiss』her and『hold』her. (Andou)


「Speaking of which, there’s this light novel called『Saying Goodbye to Field Peas』about a high school girl who gets her hands on field peas.」

「Heh, is that so?」


… That aside, Andou-kun… He’s not looking at me with『lecherous eyes』at all huh? Hmm, that’s weird… Since a while ago, when I was talking with Andou-kun, I was purposely trying to show him my barely visible chest, bringing my face close to him, and showing off my long legs, but his response is so nonchalant? If this continues…


 I might get dumped by Andou-kun?!


 I thought about it… The reason why Andou-kun left me alone for almost a week… That must have been because Andou-kun doesn’t have enough desire for me! I mean, if I recall, the day of the play where Andou-kun suddenly hugged and『kissed』me, he was so inwardly—-Th, That is… he was so in l-l-l『love』with me! In other words, it’s obvious that Andou-kun’s『love』is greater than mine! Even so, the fact that he hasn’t touched me at all has to be because he doesn’t have much『sexual desires』!

 That’s why I, as his girlfriend, deliberately put on a prim and proper, but light and revealing outfit, and made a sexy attack on him as only an『absolute beauty』would do to awaken Andou-kun’s inner『boy』instincts!

 T-Then when it does… Andou-kun will『kiss』me again, and I wonder if he’ll hold me too?

 W-Well! Andou-kun doesn’t seem to have many『desires』as a boy to begin with, so no matter how much I try to appeal to him, if he were to touch me, it would probably be limited to a light hug. I-it’s not like I was expecting a『kiss』or anything! (Asakura)


「Speaking of which, the『Narou』summer anime are about to start.」 

「As they’re both robots, so I’m looking forward to it!」


But seriously, Asakura-san is so erotic today~~ (Andou)


Seriously, even though I’m showing it off like this… Why in blazes is there no change in his facial expression at allllllllllllllllllll!!! (Asakura) *dead inside*


Translator’s Notes:

  1. That Time I got Reincarnated Into a Goblin:

  2. I’ve been killing Goblins Yet I’m still Level 1:
  3. Absolute territory: This refers to the area of bare skin in the gap between overknee socks and a miniskirt or shorts.
  4. Goodbye, Field Peas: This is a romance novel that I didn’t delve into the reference fully. Sorry guys.

Man is Andou-kun… just a typical alpha. HAHAHAHAH.

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