Volume 2 Commemorative Segment: Class Rep’s Room

Translator: Kriz

Editor: 5d100

First published on Ainushi

「Hi everyone, thank you so much for reading the second volume of『Why Is the Prettiest Girl in School Trying to Talk to a Loner Like Me during Lunch Break?』, or in short『Loner and Juliet』. Fufufufufu … It’s Class Rep here.♪

 Now then, introducing volume 2’s special guest on『Class Rep’s Room』, it’s the person with the biggest boobs in school—

 It’s Momoi-san♪」


La~La La ♪ La La La, Light ~ No~vels ♪


「Uhm… Class Rep, just what’s going on?」

「Momoi-san, this is to commemorate the release of『Loner and Juliet’s』second volume, a space that we can talk freely about the book.

 An extra that ignores the timeline and story of the work…

    And that is basically the justification for it!

 Frankly, this is just『an extra section hosted by me, for me, and for my own sake』!」

「Oh wow… Class Rep, even if you don’t get to make an appearance, this is just…」

「Momoi-san, if you have something to say, I’m all ears. By the way, as this so-called space is a boundary inherently made for me, by me, and exists for my sake… If I say something like I want to see Momoi-san dressed in a bikini today—」

「Mmm, I didn’t say anything at all—? You’ve always worked suuuper hard doing the previews for the next chapters, so you do deserve a perk like this every now and again—♪」

「Fufufu♪ I’m glad you got the picture…」



Whilst I’m in this space, it’s probably best not to go against class rep… (Momoi)


「Anyways, you said that we can『freely talk whatever we like about Loner and Juliet』, but what are we going to talk about?」

「Oh that. You don’t have to worry about it. I put a call out on Twitter for this sort of thing.」

「When did you–!?」

「Speaking of, you’re impressive as always, Momoi-san… I ask a question light heartedly yet within minutes, you’re shooting back with seven other questions.」

「Ehehe— I’m not just No. 2 in the Popularity Polls, ya know? I’m not like someone else who placed 4th~♪」

「Fufufu… Momoi-san, bikini♪」

「O-S-Sorry! Class Rep, it was just a harmless joke~♪」


If I’m just sitting here dressed in a bikini answering questions… Doesn’t that give off a lewd feeling—?


 Yea, nah. Ain’t gonna happen— Ahaha… (Momoi)


「Well then, I’ll be reading out the questions from our audience. Which one of these should be our first question of the day…?」

「Ehehe♪ any questions are welcome, bring it on~♪」


【To finally put it to rest, do you Like Andou-kun, or love him? 】



「Ugyah!? Seriously, Momoi-san! Why are you spiting all over…」

「Hold on, Class Rep! W-W-What is with that question, h–huh!? Um, are all the other questions like this…?」

「Kind of… There’s also questions that are like『What are your thoughts on Andou-kun and Asakura-san’s relationship?』」

「Mmm, those types of questions are somewhat different from what I expected…」

「So anyway, Momoi-san. What is it really?」

「—You’re still going to ask that!?」

「Obviously? Afterall, this is『my』corner? Fufufu♪」



Class Rep, I’m not going to let this slide later. (Momoi)


「… Ahem, I like Andou-kun『second to Sakura』~♪」

「Hoho~ So you mean you like him as a friend?」

「Most certainly~♪」

「And next, what about『your thoughts on Andou-kun and Asakura-san’s relationship』?」

「An idiotic couple that jumps ten steps forward, and carefully moves ten steps back」

「That’s a marvelously well put analogy…」


I can easily picture the both of them, holding hands amicably as they  take ten steps backwards… (Momoi)


「Then, moving on to the next question.」

「Ugh~ I hope the next question will be a lot easier~」

「Well then, I’ll ask you a series of easy questions.」


【How many people are there in your family?】


「We’re a family of three. Mom, dad and myself♪」


【 Are you familiar with『Loner and Juliet』?】


「Of course, I am~♪」


【Your favorite treat?】


「Sweets that won’t make you fat!!」 ← Serious tone


【Favorite food?】


「Food that is low in calories, and tasty!!」 ← Serious tone


【Are you an otaku?】


「Hmm, I wonder how I should answer this~? Ah! Recently, Andou-kun lent me his light novels to read, so I wonder if that’s enough to count as an『otaku』~?」

「Hee~, Andou-kun did, huh… On that note, Momoi-san. What was the light novel that Andou-kun lent you?」

「Yea. Um… If I’m not mistaken, the title is【Swort Art Off– something something】!Ahaha, the title is really long so I’ve forgotten what it is♪ But like, it’s a long running series with multiple volumes.

 Right now, I’ve borrowed 8 volumes but there’s just no end to the reading~!」

「He, heh… I… see…」


If she were to be called an『otaku』, she would need to be at least at Andou-kun’s level… (Class Rep)


… Ah, but then I’m more familiar with shoujo manga so I guess that qualifies me as an otaku~? Andou-kun has also recommended me some『Villainess』stories… Well, I don’t really need to let Class Rep in on it anyway~♪ (Momoi)


「Alright, let me read out the next question.」


【How would you mediate if Andou-kun and Asakura-san got into a big fight?】 


「That’s a scene that’s hard to imagine, but it would be quite the situation if it does happen… And so, Momoi-san, what would you do?」

「Mmm… Nothing~♪」

「Eh? I thought surely you would come in and mediate between the two of them…?」

「Ahaha, you would think that won’t you, Class Rep~♪ But that isn’t what I would do. Afterall, a third party shouldn’t be meddling in a fight as big as that. 

 If Sakura and Andou-kun are going to get into a big fight, then there must be something much larger going on. Having a『stranger』like myself getting involved wouldn’t be good at all.

 I’m sure that the both of them will sort it out themselves and all I can do is just lend a sympathetic ear to Sakura so she has someone to vent her frustrations to… That’s how it will be~♪」

「How do I put it? As expected of our Rank 2 in the Popularity polls, Momoi-san…」

「Ahaha, do you really think so~?」


Well, if I don’t do anything, then I’ll be able to do that with Andou-kun…

 Ahaha~ Just kidding~♪ (Momoi)


「However, I must say that this way of sourcing questions worked out well. Fufufu… Then, next time shall we reach out again for more questions?

 Of course, this time around, let’s solicit it from the Kakuyomu comments.」

「… And when will the presenter switch from Class Rep to me~? ♪」

「Momoi-san!? You’re not leaving a nasty comment behind my back, are you?

 Furthermore, the position of presenter for『Loner and Juliet』is already decidedly me.」

「Ahaha, of course. Certainly I do recall there was a page on Volume 2 where you had introduced the synopsis of Volume 1.」

「Yes, that’s right. You remembered it well, Momoi-san. As you said, that was me in Volume 2 providing the summary for Volume 1.

 And so, with my steady appearances not only on the『Preview for the Next Chapter』,『Class Rep’s Room』and on top of that,『On the Previous Volume』, at this pace, it won’t be long before I’ll appear on the front covers of a physical volume of『Loner and Juliet』—」

「But given that you are in the position of a commentator… Doesn’t it feel like you’re further away from being featured on the front covers~?」


「!?!?!?!?」 ← Stunned frozen Class Rep


T–True…… (Class Rep)


「Ahaha~  Sorry for your loss, Class Rep … And so it is~♪ Fufu~ The loser of the covers~?


 Oh! Let’s read the last letter that we have here.」


【Congratulations on the release of Volume 2!】


「Wow~ Thanks~! That’s right! You guys had better…

 Purchase Volume 2 featuring myself on the covers~♪」

「Haa… Haa…」 ← Stunned frozen Class Rep


How can it be that I… am the loser…? (Class Rep)


「Oh, look! We’re already running out of pages~♪

 Then, until next time…」

「Why are you closing it when it’s my corner!?」


La~La La ♪ La La La, Light ~ No~vels ♪


「See you in Volume 3~♪ Although I’m unsure if Class Rep would be the presenter…」

「And furthermore, you didn’t need to add that last bit!? Everyone, till next time!

 I-I… surely will be on the『cover』someday!」


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