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Loner and Juliet: Chapter 49 – Sequel: Class Rep’s Observation Diary 『Asakura-san』

Chapter 49 – Sequel: 「Class Rep’s Observation Diary 『Asakura-san』」 TL: Kriz Editor: Kai QC: Wafflez First Published on Ainushi   My name is class rep. I do have an actual given name however nowadays, everyone calls me class rep so I’m fine with being called that.   「Asakura-san, good morning.」 「Class rep, good morning.」   This is Asakura-san. Referred to as the prettiest girl in school, she’s popular. As to how ‘popular’ she is—   「Asakura-san! Good morning! Good morning! It’s me, Yamada! Good mor–」 『Fuck you, Yamada! How dare you get a head start of us over us and greet Asakura-san! Come here, you!』 「Class rep, as soon as Yamada-kun came over, he was dragged off by several guys……」 「Isn’t it always like this……」 「Yeah, you’re right.」   Well~ That’s how popular she is. Many male students idolize Asakura-san hence the boys in our school have a silent pact that they would not carelessly approach her whether they were a part of it or not…..   「U, Um……Asakura-san, good morning!」 「Morning♪」 「G- good morning! Asakura-san!」 「Morning♪」   「Kyaaa~~! Asakura-san greeted me!」 「Me too! Me too! Did you see it? Asakura-san smiled at me!」   By the way, the girls don’t have a pact like the guys. Nevertheless, 『Asakura-san』 was highly regarded so there were very few amongst the girls that would be bold enough to converse with her....

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Loner and Juliet: Chapter 48 – Crying out Love, In the Center of the Classroom

Chapter 48 – Crying out Love, In the Center of the Classroom TL: Agni TLC: Kriz Editor: Forseti QC: Lady Blue First Published on Ainushi   『Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh』   「Andou! You, are you seriously friends with Asakura-san?!」 「We boys, made a silent agreement that we wouldn’t get close to Asakura-san since she’s a lady way beyond our league, unlike that harebrained Yamada. Yet, you dared to get closer to her by taking advantage of being a ‘loner’!?」 「See? See!? Wasn’t it like what I said!?」 『Shut up! Just shut your mouth Yamada! 』 「Oy, Andou! What’s the meaning of this?! Is this true?!」 「…………」   Uwaaaa~~~~~~it’s finally out of the bag….. Though, I believed this was going to happen sooner or later. After all, even a ‘loner’ like me is aware that all the boys in the school (except for me) had secretly made a pact to ensure no one made a move on Asakura-san….. However, since she was the one who talked to me first, there’s nothing I can do about it! I even made sure not to converse too much with her in the beginning! Afterall, a 『loner』like myself would never suit Asakura-san…..  Besides, all the boys in school would zero in on me if I made a move on her, so I’d like to be excused from it… However——- 『Andou-kun, good morning!』[1] 『If you don’t mind… h-h-how...

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Loner and Juliet: Chapter 47 – Yamada

Chapter 47 – CuteTL: Adzzz TLC: Kriz Editor: Kai QC: Wafflez First Published on Ainushi *chatter* 「Good morning, Asakura-san.」 「A, Andou-kun! Good morning……」 Eh? To think that Andou-kun would take the initiative to greet me first today…… No way, it’s just like a dream! (Asakura) *chatter*…… *chatter*…… *chatter*…… Asakura-san, she’s already using the bookmark we bought yesterday…… Why is she grinning happily while holding onto the bookmark?  Does she like it that much? By the way, the class is quite noisy today…… Oh, somehow class rep is making a beeline for Asakura-san with a grim face. (Andou) 「Asakura-san, can I have a moment? 」 「Ah, good morning class rep. Ehehe ~ ~ Listen, listen ~ ~」 「We’ll talk after this, just come here for a minute」 「Huh? What’s the matter……」 What is it? I wonder, what are they whispering about at the back of the classroom? (Andou) 「Asakura-san, it’s terrible! 」 「Eh ~ ~ What is ~ ~?」 「That’s…… Asakura-san, you were on a date with Andou-kun yesterday, right? 」 「Yeah! That’s right! We were! 」 「Ssh—! Your voice is too loud!  I’ll listen about your date later, okay? To tell you the truth…… There were people who saw you two on your date yesterday so there’s been rumors going around about the two of you in the classroom. 」 This is bad…… I honestly thought that if Asakura-san...

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Loner and Juliet: Chapter 46 – Cute

Chapter 46 – Cute TL: Adzzz TLC: Kriz Editor: Kai QC: Wafflez First Published on Ainushi 「Andou-kun, look! There’s a lot of light novels here!」 「Yeah, this whole 9th floor has just been renovated into Hinokuniya [1] Bookstore recently. Surprisingly, they have quite a good selection of light novel.」 「I didn’t know there was such a lovely bookstore on the 9th floor of this department store! 」 Asakura-san, I’m glad that you’re having fun. It’s been two hours since we’ve entered this department store after lunch but we’ve been going around window shopping starting from the lower floors…… Aren’t you tired…… (Andou) *** -Flashback- Second Floor Shoes Department 「Andou-kun, look, look! Aren’t these shoes cute!」 「Yes, they are.」 ……Cute? Aren’t those just plain white shoes? (Andou) Fourth Floor Ladies’ Wear Department 「Andou-kun, look, look! Isn’t this dress cute!」 「Yes, it is.」 ……Cute? Isn’t it just a plain black dress? (Andou) Fifth Floor Ladies’ Wear Department 「Andou-kun, look, look! Isn’t this dress cute too!」 「Y, yes, it is.」 ……Cute? What’s the difference with the previous one? Rather, why are there two floors of ladies’ wear anyway? (Andou) 「Fuu…… With this we’ve roughly seen everything, huh.」 「That’s right.」 Ooh! Asakura-san, are you finally satisfied? Any longer in this ladies’ wear department and I’m afraid I won’t be able to hold on to my life. Let’s see, the next floor is―― (Andou) 「Well then, shall...

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Loner and Juliet: Chapter 45 – White Day

Chapter 45 – White DayTL: Adzzz TLC: Kriz Editor: Lady Blue QC: Wafflez First Published on Ainushi We want to introduce our new translator for Loner and Juliet, please give your grand welcome to Adzzz! She will help pump out more chapters for this series! Author’s note: This update will be a continuation from the valentine special chapter posted on February 14th. Because the timeline and season does not match with the main story, please understand that this story takes place in a parallel world that doesn’t have anything to do with the main story. 「Andou-kun, good morning」 「Morning, Asakura-san」 「…………」 「…………」 It’s here, White Day! The day when boys hand out sweets full of their feelings, in return for the Valentine’s Day gifts given to them by the girls…… Until now, I was not particularly aware of White Day because I always received chocolates from girls. But this time, it’s different! (Asakura) 「…………」 *glance* 「…………」 Ufufu…. Last Valentine, I gave a handmade chocolate to Andou-kun, you see! Even a loner like Andou-kun will have to return a gift in response to the Valentine’s gift from the school’s number one beauty, right? (Asakura) 「…………」 *glance*glance* 「…………」 Andou-kun, I wonder when you’ll give me your white day gift ♪ (Asakura) First Period *di-ng do-ng da-ng do-ng* 「…………」 *fidget*fidget* 「…………」 Andou-kun, are you perhaps, embarrassed? But school is just getting started,...

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