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Thousand Autumns – Chapter 19

Thousand Autumns – Chapter 19 Translator: MoMoePom Editor: Isalee First published on Ainushi.   Chapter 19   Synopsis: I’m not very fond of it.   Shen Qiao asked, “What if I insist on going?”   Instead of answering, Yu Ai asked back, “This is the place where you grew up, and there are martial brothers and sisters who have accompanied you since your childhood. Are you telling me that you have the heart to abandon Mount Xuandu and walk away from all of these things just like that?”   Yu Ai tried to persuade him with affection and reason at the same time, but Shen Qiao’s reply was the same as before, “If you are referring to collaborating with the Tujue people, I’m not going to approve it.”   After he saw that Shen Qiao was still holding fast to his original opinion, Yu Ai’s tone chilled, “What difference does it make whether you approve it or not? There are now seven elders on Mount Xuandu, and four of them have agreed to my plan. The other three are cultivating in Closed Door Meditations. They don’t care about secular affairs anymore. Among our martial brothers, eldest senior brother is a peacemaker. Telling him about it would be useless. Fourth junior brother and little junior sister will be very happy to see you back, but they are not necessarily going to...

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Thousand Autumns – Chapter 18

Thousand Autumns – Chapter 18 Translator: MoMoePom Editor: Isalee Quality Checker: LadyBlue First published on Ainushi.   Chapter 18   Synopsis: I won’t let you go.   Even though Mount Xuandu was the number one Daoist sect under the Heavens, there wasn’t any scheme or plot going on among its disciples as outsiders might have imagined.   Shen Qiao had grown up in a gentle and peaceful environment ever since his childhood.   His master was compassionate, he was both a teacher and a father to him. His martial brothers were all so friendly that there was often no difference between the seniors and the juniors when they played together in private. Even Qi Fengge was not as awe-inspiring when facing his disciples as others might have expected him to be.   Since Shen Qiao was treated with gentleness and softness by everyone around him, he too had grown to be a gentle and soft person.   The timing when he joined the sect was not very good. He was neither Qi Fengge’s eldest disciple, nor was he the last one.   Out of Qi Fengge’s five disciples, Shen Qiao was the second, a supposedly awkward position. However, since both his nature and talents were excellent, and he himself was very kind and forgiving when dealing with others, he actually became Qi Fengge’s favorite disciple. In the end, Qi Fengge passed...

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Thousand Autumns – Chapter 17

Thousand Autumns – Chapter 17 Translator: MoMoePom Editor: Isalee Quality Checker: LadyBlue First published on Ainushi.   Chapter 17   Synopsis: Junior Brother Yu, it’s me.   Xuandu Town was at the foot of Mount Xuandu. It had been a quiet place for many years. Despite being right next to the world-renowned orthodox Daoist sect, it didn’t seem to have much to do with the townspeople. At most, when they saw the Daoist priests coming down the mountain, they would be especially courteous and treat them with due respect.   Of course, as the number one Daoist sect under the Heavens, Mount Xuandu always paid according to the marketed price during their occasional shopping trips down here. The deals were fair. They never used their power or influence as a large sect to bully the commoners. Therefore, over these years, all of the people living in Xuandu Town were extremely proud that they could be neighbors with the Daoist priests from the Purple Mansion of Xuandu.   But that was all. A Daoist sect was a Daoist sect after all. Once you set foot on the path of Mount Xuandu, you no longer belonged to the secular world. Compared to the life of the common people living at the foot of the mountain who would get up to work at sunrise and rest at sunset, they were still in two different...

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QZ – Chapter 12

QZ Chapter 12 Translator: MoMoePom Editor: LadyBlue Quality Checker: MochiMochi95 First Published on Ainushi.       Chapter 12 A short and small figure appeared inside the central community of the Sky-Era Network. This scene would definitely arouse the suspicion of anyone who saw it because this was an Adults-only area, while that person, judging by his figure alone, looked like an undeveloped Nestling no matter what. Not to mention, the place he was currently at was the core building where only supreme administrators of the Sky-Era Network were allowed to enter——the Void Era. He walked straight to the entrance of the control center without any obstruction along the way. Surprisingly, the building, which claimed to be the most heavily-guarded over the entire Internet, didn’t try to stop him at all. He stood before the iris scanner at the end. His smoky-gray eyes once again confirmed his status as a Nestling. The scanning light passed the vitreous humor with a uniform speed, then beeped after making its judgment. “Unable to identify the target’s identity. Please leave in 30 seconds. Alarms will be triggered otherwise,” the AI’s voice prompted. “So annoying,” the person grumbled softly. He called up the control panel with an oral command, then manually entered a string of passcode. “Identity confirmed. The passage is now open. Would you like to bind the new iris?” “Yes.” “Please choose...

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Thousand Autumns – Chapter 16

Thousand Autumns – Chapter 16 Translator: MoMoePom Editor: Isalee Quality Checker: MochiMochi First published on Ainushi.   Chapter 16   Synopsis: Why should I waste my breath?   With Yan Wushi’s presence, they no longer needed to take the official roads which were safer. In order to take a shortcut, instead of passing through Chang’an, Yan Wushi went straight down south to Luo Prefecture, then went toward Yu and Sui Prefectures from there.   This road shortened the distance a lot, but because these places were close to the border between Qi and Zhou, they were not very peaceful. Since the disasters at the end of last year, lands that were affected by the drought expanded for thousands of miles, and every place was filled with refugees rushing toward nearby ration storages. Yan Wushi didn’t need to ride a carriage, so he didn’t even rent one. He simply walked ahead by himself, with much of an attitude of ‘If you can follow up, then you should, if you can’t, you still have to’.    They traveled like this for several days, with one person following the other. As they were about to enter the capital of Xiang Prefecture, they met another group of refugees outside of the city.    These people were originally from Guang Prefecture. Because of the famine there, they had to trudge through thousands of miles to...

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