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Author: Momoe Pom

Thousand Autumns – Chapter 30

Thousand Autumns – Chapter 30 Translator: MoMoePom Editor: Isalee First published on Ainushi.   Chapter 30    Synopsis: I offered you food and a place to live, yet…   Shen Qiao said, “I’ve heard about this genius that Yi Bichen took in as a disciple in his late years since a long time ago, and that he was a prodigy in martial arts who had read through and learnt by heart every single script in the Chunyang Daoist Temple at the age of fifteen. However, instead of revealing him to the public, Yi Bichen sent him to travel alone in the Western Regions around the Kunlun Mountains. Looking at it now, Yi Bichen is indeed very forethoughtful. He has spent ten years polishing this sword. Once it is unsheathed, its splendor is guaranteed to shine!”   Yan Wushi asked curiously, “You always like to be the good guy. After this event, Mount Xuandu might even lose its title as the ‘Number one Daoist Sect under the Heavens’, yet you still gave Li Qingyu such high praise. Do you not feel sad for your junior brother’s great loss and the humiliation your sect has suffered?”   Shen Qiao replied, “Yu Ai is rather conceited and tends to be extreme. It might be a good thing if he learns his lesson this time. Nothing stays as the top forever. There are ups...

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Thousand Autumns – Chapter 29

Thousand Autumns – Chapter 29 Translator: MoMoePom Editor: Isalee First published on Ainushi.   Chapter 29    Synopsis: But your hand feels good.   Yuan Xiuxiu was just testing Shen Qiao with her first attack. Had Yan Wushi tried to stop her, she probably would not have continued. But the fact that Yan Wushi didn’t gave her the impression that this boytoy was not that important to him. She giggled at the thought of this, and didn’t hold back on the third palm. She was going to make Shen Qiao pay with his life for Huo Xijing’s.   But things were different this time.   She wasn’t able to land her hand on Shen Qiao’s head. Yuan Xiuxiu’s expression turned ghastly. She forced herself to bend in mid-air and, with an almost impossible posture, dodged the finger pointing toward her from behind.   She didn’t even stay afterwards. Her figure swayed like the willow branches in March as her toes tapped on the twig next to her. Soon, her white dress disappeared from everyone’s line of sight into the faint distance, leaving only a stream of sweet laughter behind: “Yan-lang has been so cruel to me. I’ll leave for now, and let’s talk about our old friendship some other day!”   Shen Qiao didn’t think that Yan Wushi would stand up for him. Neither did Bian Yanmei, but he dared...

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QZ – Chapter 25

QZ Chapter 25 Translator: MoMoePom Editor: Rei First Published on Ainushi.       Chapter 25 “When one is picked, both will die. These mushrooms grow in pairs, so they clearly can’t survive without each other. We have to dig them both out at the same time.” “How is that any difficult?” After hearing what Ying Feng said, Ling Xiao immediately changed his strategy. He chose a pair of mushrooms and held one in each hand, but he soon released them due to the pain. “These mushrooms bite?!” He exclaimed. Ying Feng noticed the abnormality as well. “Your hand.” “What’s about my hand?” Ling Xiao looked down at it. “What’s this? Why do I have all these red powders?” On his finger was a thin layer of red phosphor powder glistening under the sunlight. “I have it too.” Ying Feng checked his own hands, but the powder on them was white. “Maybe it’s the mushrooms we were picking,” suggested Ling Xiao. Ying Feng tried to touch the red mushrooms and didn’t feel anything. He then tried the white ones. Just as he expected, he felt a prick on his finger. It was probably what Ling Xiao called the ‘bite’. The instructor saw from the monitor that they hadn’t moved in a while and figured it was about time, so he kindly gave them a hint “just in time” through...

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Thousand Autumns – Chapter 28

Thousand Autumns – Chapter 28 Translator: MoMoePom Editor: Isalee First published on Ainushi.   Chapter 28    Synopsis: Shen Qiao already had no place to retreat and could only close his eyes and wait for his death.   Shen Qiao smelled some kind of fragrance. He slightly frowned and reacted extremely quickly by immediately letting go of the bamboo stick. With another performance of Shadow Shifter, he was already a great distance away from his previous location.   It was called ‘Shadow Shifter’, but frankly speaking, it was just a brilliant lightness skill. Within a second after Shen Qiao withdrew his hand, the bamboo stick cracked and exploded, its fragments darting rapidly towards him!   If he had pulled his hand back just a little later, he would have ended up just like that stick.   The bamboo stick was destroyed in a moment, but Shen Qiao’s movement had not stopped at all. Fast and swift like the wind, he quickly retreated to the tree he was originally standing under and raised his sleeves at the same time. The bamboo chips shooting right at him fell and scattered all over the ground as if they had run into some sort of invisible barrier.   “Was I so cut off from the world? Since when did we have such an expert in the pugilistic circle?” Along with the fragrant breeze and...

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QZ – Chapter 24

QZ Chapter 24 Translator: MoMoePom Editor: Rei First Published on Ainushi.       Chapter 24 The first night of camping, Ling Xiao’s mind remained unsettled. He blamed it on starvation. Upon realizing that he really couldn’t fall asleep after tossing and turning for some time, Ling Xiao decided to get up and look around. It would be nice if he could just find some mushrooms in the field to fill his stomach. He started to walk towards Ying Feng’s tent almost subconsciously. It was late at night. All of his schoolmates were already in bed. Ying Feng’s tent, like the many other tents around it, didn’t have any sound or light coming out of it. Ling Xiao pretended that he was just passing by and wandered around it a few times, until a little rock bounced over with a clatter and hit him right on the chest. The person clearly didn’t throw it very hard. It only served as a greeting. Ling Xiao looked at the direction the rock came from and unexpectedly found Ying Feng sitting under a tree. Ying Feng had seen Ling Xiao as soon as the latter appeared. At first, he thought the other person was just getting up to answer a call of nature, but for some unknown reason, Ling Xiao kept lingering around and simply refused to leave. “What are you sneaking...

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