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Author: Momoe Pom

Thousand Autumns – Chapter 26

Thousand Autumns – Chapter 26 Translator: MoMoePom Editor: Isalee First published on Ainushi.   Chapter 26   Synopsis: I bet you treated that Junior Brother Yu of yours with even more compassion and tenderness before, right?   Yan Wushi had dragged him into this convolution. However, even without the trouble caused by him, Shen Qiao would still have liked to meet Xie Xiang.   He could tell Xie Xiang was not a bragger just from the speech he gave in the hall about the state of the world.   Shen Qiao spoke up, “I was quite enlightened by mister’s brilliant views. May I have the pleasure of asking for some advice on my martial arts as well?”   No one would despise listening to kind words. After hearing what Shen Qiao said, Xie Xiang could no longer throw a dark face at him even though he didn’t have a favorable opinion of Shen Qiao. It was just that he was anticipating Yan Wushi to be his match, but now it was this person whom no one had heard of. It would diminish his prestige whether he won or not, so he replied coldly, “Thank you for your praise. Xie still has errands to run for my master. I’m afraid I don’t have time.”   Yan Wushi suggested almost sarcastically, “You want to fight with me, don’t you? I’ll fight you...

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Thousand Autumns – Chapter 25

Thousand Autumns – Chapter 25 Translator: MoMoePom Editor: Isalee First published on Ainushi.   Chapter 25   Synopsis: Ah-qiao, he’s insulting you.   “Tujue?” Someone else asked curiously, “Why would the Emperor of Zhou start a war with the Tujue? Why would he fight over their wild, unmanned land rather than the affluent Central Plains?”   The man replied, “While wars and expeditions continue on in the Central Plains, the Tujue people are also expanding in the northern region. They have even defeated the powerful Persian Empire. China has an abundant amount of natural resources — its rich and fertile land also fosters many talented people. Aggressive as the Tujue people are, how could they let go of this great opportunity? Right now, under the reign of Taspar Khan, the Tujue have never been more powerful in its history. With the arrogance of its people, this advantage in strength is guaranteed to lead to ambition. If they want to invade the Central Plains, the two countries, Qi and Zhou, will certainly be the first to bear the brunt.   “From the Northern Zhou’s perspective, the Qi’s national power is declining each day. Thus, Qi country is their perfect target, while the Tujue are also a pain in their ass. If the Emperor of Zhou is a wise leader, he will not let this great opportunity slip by. Compared to these...

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QZ – Chapter 21

QZ Chapter 21 Translator: MoMoePom Editor: LadyBlue First Published on Ainushi.       Chapter 21 The person outside was Lan Sheng. It had been over a week since Ling Xiao last saw him. After that incident, Lan Sheng was forced into isolation by the school side. No visits were allowed. Ling Xiao pestered Yao Tai a few times over at her place but still wasn’t able to get even a glance of Lan Sheng. There was another reason why Ling Xiao couldn’t have guessed the person outside was him: when Lan Sheng knocked on his door before, he usually either pounded or kicked. He had never acted like he did now–polite, yet alienated. “I’m here to say goodbye to you.” Lan Sheng’s face looked extremely calm. Ling Xiao stared blankly at the person in front of him. Nothing had changed apart from the color of his eyes. He looked so familiar, yet also so strange that even Ling Xiao didn’t know what kind of expression to use when facing him. Lan Sheng went on, “The school said that a Qizi like me, bereaved of their spouse during the maturation phase, must receive treatment at the Center of Mental Disease Control. I don’t know how long it will take, but we probably won’t be able to meet again in the near future.” He brushed through the words “bereaved of...

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Thousand Autumns – Chapter 24

Thousand Autumns – Chapter 24 Translator: MoMoePom Editor: Isalee First published on Ainushi.   Chapter 24   Synopsis: Goosebumps eventually disappear if one has enough of them.   It was the servant from the inn. He was holding a soup bowl and a plate in his hands.   “Mister, here is the medicine decocted according to the prescription you’ve written. The kitchen has also prepared lotus seed syrup and some desserts. You two can have some for now, and we’ll send the other dishes over at dinner time.”   Filling a prescription and decocting the herbs should have been the work of a pharmacy, but since Yan Wushi offered enough money, it was no longer a problem. He had been throwing money all over the place, so of course, the inn treated him like a god of wealth, attending and fawning on him as hard as they could.   Yan Wushi took over the bowl of medicine and said to Shen Qiao, “You need to recuperate from your injuries, and this medicine can speed up the process. Here, I’ll feed it to you.”   Shen Qiao: “…”   Servant: “…”   Words as soft as water poured out from that face which one could tell was extremely arrogant from a glance. It was so incompatible no matter how one looked at it. The servant didn’t know that they just had...

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QZ – Chapter 20

QZ Chapter 20 Translator: MoMoePom Editor: LadyBlue First Published on Ainushi.       Chapter 20 A soft knock sounded on the principal’s office door, and from its other side came a crisp, juvenile-like voice. “Come in, please.” The door opened, and Yao Tai walked in. She was always full of confidence, but at this moment, she appeared to be a little hesitant. The principal was writing with a very traditional dip pen. Around a hundred year back, retro style was once a popular trend. The Nestlings in those days thought emails didn’t carry enough individuality, and insisted on writing by hand. The principal was one of them, and he kept this habit even till today. Yao Tai waited for him to finish the entire sentence before opening her mouth, “Principal, the Center for Disease Control called…” His hand trembled as he heard the sentence. A large drop of ink dripped down, its splash creating a huge smudge on the paper. This half-finished letter had now turned into a pile of waste paper. The principal sighed. Maybe, he really should try changing his habit and using emails instead. He put the pen down. “Is there no room left for maneuvering?” Yao Tai’s face seemed very serious, “Even after all our attempts during this period of time, we truly don’t have the ability to cure him. CDC has been closely...

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