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QZ – Chapter 18

QZ Chapter 18 Translator: MoMoePom Editor: LadyBlue First Published on Ainushi.       Chapter 18 “Dr. Yao!” Medical personnel rushed over from other locations. All of them were waiting for her instructions. But she only waved her hand. “Initiate a lockdown immediately. All of you, split up and search for him.” After dismissing the group of people, Yao Tai strode toward Ping Zong. Of all people present, Ping Zong was the most disturbed. Ever since he heard the news about Lan Sheng’s disappearance, he had been standing there bewildered. Even as he watched Yao Tai walking toward him, his mind was in a tizzy—unable to make out a single thought. “Close your eyes,” said Yao Tai as she pressed on his shoulders. “Focus.” Ping Zong followed her words and closed his eyes, but his concern for Lan Sheng clouded his mind. He just couldn’t focus successfully. Yao Tai talked slowly. Her voice was so gentle that it almost sounded like some kind of hypnosis, forming a distinct contrast with the pressing situation at the moment. “Feel his position.” Ping Zong tried to think toward the direction she was guiding him, but he was still repelled by Lan Sheng’s mental barrier. The other person’s resistance was even stronger than he had expected. Ling Xiao felt like he could feel Ping Zong’s conflicting emotions just by looking at his face....

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QZ – Chapter 17

QZ Chapter 17 Translator: MoMoePom Editor: LadyBlue First Published on Ainushi.       Chapter 17 The ward was quiet. No one made the slightest sound. Ping Zong sat on his bed as if he had been petrified. One second felt as long as a century, making everyone comprehend what “time crawls” truly meant. “Mirror.” Ping Zong, who had stayed petrified, suddenly opened his mouth. No one moved. “I want a mirror,” Ping Zong repeated firmly. Ling Xiao had no choice but to seek help from Yao Tai, and the latter signaled the medical personnel accompanying them with her eyes. Soon, a mirror was handed to Ping Zong. Ping Zong stared at himself in the mirror in a daze. The only thing that had changed was his eye color, yet he looked like an entirely different person. Stimulated by the truth, he slowly regained his memory. The intense fight, the sweet taste of blood, the gradually fading grayscale in Lan Sheng’s eyes… The scene from last night was so vivid in his mind. Ling Xiao didn’t lie to him. He won. Lan Sheng was the one who lost. “I have to see him.” Ping Zong lifted the blanket and was going to get off the bed. “He wouldn’t want to see you.” Yao Tai, who had been silent till now, finally opened her mouth. “His current mental state won’t...

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Thousand Autumns – Chapter 21

Thousand Autumns – Chapter 21 Translator: MoMoePom Editor: Isalee First published on Ainushi.   Chapter 21   Synopsis: What does your life or death have to do with me?   Every expert had at least some degree of an expert’s manners, whether they were sensitive about their reputation or were unwilling to let go of their pride. People of high status usually wouldn’t do something like using another person as a scapegoat because they still cared about their face. Only someone like Yan Wushi who could destroy even The Strategy of the Vermillion Young without a second thought would be able to commit such a shameful act. No wonder it left Yu Ai hopping mad behind them, and it even rendered Shen Qiao speechless.   Yan Wushi brought him all the way down the mountain. They passed through Xuandu Town and arrived at the relay station in the countryside, a place they had stayed at before when they first entered the town. There was a sparse little forest, which could be regarded as a spacious spot.   He put Shen Qiao down.   Shen Qiao cupped his hands: “Thanks!”   He was injured during his fight with Yu Ai. All of his blood and qi had been stagnant ever since. After such a long time, he finally started to feel the warmth slowly returning, and sensation coming back to his...

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QZ – Chapter 16

QZ Chapter 16 Translator: MoMoePom Editor: LadyBlue Quality Checker: Isalee First Published on Ainushi.       Chapter 16 Ling Xiao jumped to his feet and his body gradually disappeared in front of Shen He. After he was completely disconnected, Shen He sneered at him disdainfully. “He ran off so fast.” “Don’t you think you were being too straightforward? What if you scared our little boy by any chance?” A figure appeared in the dark. Shen He seemed to not be bothered in the least by this method of dropping by or having his conversations being eavesdropped on. “Compared to you, I’m also a little boy.” Shen He lounged on the recliner, showing no sign of getting up to greet his guest. “Don’t you feel embarrassed to say something like that in front a Nestling who just woke up?” Xing Lou laughed. “You said I was too straightforward. Then may I ask if any of my words weren’t true?” Shen He asked back. Xing Lou thought for a moment, “There was one sentence that was not true.” “Which one?” Xing Lou imitated his tone, “You will never know the reason for this fight because the real reason has already been completely erased by our predecessors.” “Oh?” It evoked Shen He’s curiosity, “You know the truth behind it?” Xing Lou replied with a smile, “Trust me, you don’t want to...

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QZ – Chapter 15

QZ Chapter 15 Translator: MoMoePom Editor: LadyBlue Quality Checker: Isalee First Published on Ainushi.       Chapter 15 Ling Xiao strode across the campus, struggling to wipe off the tears that were welling up unendingly in his eyes as he walked. But his tears were like a river breaching its dike, refusing to halt even for a second. Were it not for Ping Zong and Lan Sheng’s sake…were it not for the parting that was about to come…were it not for the alcohol… Ling Xiao ran all the way back to his dorm, and slammed the door shut with a “bang”. He stood with his back leaning against the door for a long time before his tears finally ceased. How weird! For such an embarrassing scene, why did it have to be Ying Feng who saw it! How many times did he have to lose face in front of Ying Feng before it was enough? Ling Xiao sniffled a few times and threw himself on the bed. He tried lying on his back, on his stomach, on his side, but he just couldn’t fall asleep. He got up and paced back and forth inside the room, an uneasy feeling growing in his gut. Forget it. He should just find a movie to watch — that might bring him some relief. Ling Xiao connected to an online film library....

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