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SILENT READING: Chapter 15 – Julien Fourteen

Chapter 15: Julien Fourteen TL: cici, Editor: Isalee Synopsis:  Expectedly, these two mental retards were only able to maintain the peace for only three minutes before they started the damn war again.   First Published on Ainushi.    “I hate analyzing the victim.” Lang Qiao pouted and put a pen under her lips and nose. “For those victims who are injured for no apparent reason, I feel like I need a long time before my heart to accept that. Why? Why does someone who is so good have to end up like that just because of bad luck? Why should someone who struggled to live for many years have to be killed by an unprovoked attack from a scum? But for those victims who are not innocent, or those that even deserve what they got, I feel that it serves them right. And… our action of finding the murderer on his behalf is no different than holding the candle to the devil, I… oh!” Luo Wenzhou had rolled the paper into a paper drum and knocked the back of her head, successfully stopping Lang Qiao’s long speech. Lang Qiao held the back of her head: “What did you hit me again for? What I said is what people feel! The police are also people!” Luo Wenzhou: “Want your salary or not?” Lang Qiao: “…Yes.” “Then just do your job. From where...

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SILENT READING: Chapter 14 – Julien Thirteen

Chapter 14: Julien Thirteen TL: cici, Editor: MochiMochi Synopsis: Originally, Luo Wenzhou wanted to pack up these demons and threw them out, but when his eyes fell on the old gaming device, he suddenly relaxed his facial expression.   First Published on Ainushi.    It was May 24th and it had been four days since the death of He Zhongyi, a juvenile in the Huashi Western District. With his gloves on, Luo Wenzhou was leafing through an old album–which he got from the illegitimate taxi driver, Chen Zhen. Chen Zhen and his elder sister Chen Yuan were twins, who were brought up locally by their grandparents. After the old couple passed away in succession, Chen Yuan, the elder sister, was admitted to a university while Chen Zhen gave up on education earlier and went out to make money since his academic performance was not good enough. The girl in the photos was very delicate. She was grinning and showing two small canine teeth that were not very symmetrical in every photo. This was the only thing she had left behind. She died mysteriously. Due to the fact that she did not have a decent death, the police conducted several searches over her personal belongings on the ground that she was suspected to be involved in drug trafficking. Chen Zhen was not able to keep Chen Yuan’s second-hand computer and mobile phone....

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SILENT READING: Chapter 13 – Julien Twelve

Chapter 13: Julien Twelve TL: cici, Editor: MochiMochi, QC: Me3 Synopsis: “Have you ever heard of the Golden Triangle Area, then?”   First Published on Ainushi.    “Around ten past nine He Zhongyi got on a No.34 bus at the East Nanping Drive Stop. About 20 minutes later, the No. 34 bus arrived at the Wenchang Intersection Stop. He Zhongyi got off and the surveillance camera near Wenchang Crossing captured his figure from the back. A few minutes later, he walked out of the area covered by surveillance and became untraceable.” Luo Wenzhou grew up in Yancheng, so names of the places were enough for him to figure out the approximate location. “Wenchang Road” was located in the area southeast of the Central Business District of Huashi District. Meaning, after the deceased left Chengguang Mansion, not only did he not go home but he also went further in the opposite direction. “I’m at the Wenchang Intersection right now,” said Tao Ran with a mobile phone in his hand, traffic noises all around him. “So at least between nine o’clock and half past nine, He Zhongyi was not at the Western District. The noises heard by the people around at the time were unrelated to the murder. Ma Xiaowei was wronged. Why did Wang Hongliang capture him in such a hurry? Those who don’t know the details will think it was the...

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SILENT READING: Chapter 12 – Julien Eleven

Chapter 12: Julien Eleven TL: cici, Editor: MochiMochi, QC: Lady Blue Synopsis: “I do not accept your conclusion, Police Officer Luo.”   First Published on Ainushi.    Luo Wenzhou stared into her eyes: “Family name is Feng. Was the full name ‘Feng Nian’ or ‘Feng Nian Ge’ (1)?” “I don’t know… it sounded like that. He had a light accent so I don’t know which character it was, nor do I know if the last character was a title or a character in a name,” said the perplexed Zhang Ting, “It was already very late, he suddenly jumped in my way with a very flattering smile and said some inexplicable words. I thought he was somewhat like a psychopath. I didn’t have anyone with me, so I was a bit scared and kept saying ‘I don’t know’. I wanted to walk past him…” Luo Wenzhou asked: “When was this?” “A while ago,” said Zhang Ting. “For a short while, a psychopathic exhibitionist kept walking around our company. Many people said they had seen him before, so our boss didn’t dare to let us work overtime. That day, however, I had some work to finish, so I stayed at the company after office hour for a while. There were very few people downstairs, so I was a bit scared at first… otherwise I wouldn’t have asked my brother to pick me up.”...

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SILENT READING: Chapter 11 – Julien Ten

Chapter 11: Julien Ten TL: cici, Editor: Lady Blue, QC:MochiMochi Synopsis: Fei Du nodded: “Yes. Recently, I feel like slowly moving away from where I was, and I am also trying out new ways of life. Thank you for so many years of help.”   First Published on Ainushi.    The psychologist looked carefully at Fei Du. For a moment, the young man’s face was flashed with a speechless and irritated look which made him look unusually young and fresh. This finding somehow almost amazed her. Fei Du had been introduced to Ms. Bai a few years ago. His last psychologist was one of her juniors, who specialized in adolescent problems. Before that, how many psychologists he has visited was already untraceable–perhaps even Fei Du himself could not remember clearly. By the sound of this, he was quite the troublesome “prickle” (1). Of course, to introduce the patient to her, her junior was required to communicate to her in advance. The first thing Ms. Bai wanted to know clearly was the main reason for the kid to ask for psychotherapy, and why the whole process could not continue. “I couldn’t really figure out his problem,” said the junior. “He’s quite cooperative. Whatever you want him to tell you, he will talk about that with you. I tried to talk to him about issues like lack of care in his childhood,...

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