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SILENT READING: Chapter 19 – Julien Eighteen

Chapter 19: Julien Eighteen TL: cici, Editor: Isalee Synopsis: Behind the half-open window, one side of a face with long hair appeared. The person did not look at Luo Wenzhou, but said, “Get on.”   First Published on Ainushi.    Hearing these amazing words, the attentive people surrounding Captain Huang all stared at him in blank astonishment. Captain Huang ignored them all and paced around the house feverishly. At this time, someone whispered: “That’s the Bureau’s …” These people neglected their duties, bent the laws for their own benefits, concealed crimes, and took filthy lucre in return. Of course, their hands were not clean, but keeping their mouths shut for money was one thing and killing someone on their own was another matter. Most people in this house were not involved in any specific crime. All they needed to do was to turn a blind eye to the crimes and wait for the hush money. They still went to work and earned their salaries. The only difference was a little bit of gray income and the occasional social activities in some “places of entertainment”. No one thought of himself as a vicious and wicked person – not to mention that under the influence of Wang Hongliang’s way of dealing with matters, they all agreed that it was okay to let a few prostitutes or rogues die, but to kill someone of...

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SILENT READING: Chapter 18 – Julien Seventeen

Chapter 18: Julien Seventeen TL: cici, Editor: Isalee Synopsis: Fei Du looked at her through the glass window for a while, feeling that she was a snail without a shell.   First Published on Ainushi.    “Wu… Wu Xuechun?” The receptionist’s smile suddenly froze. Luo Wenzhou looked at her. The sharp gaze sliced out a seam from his fake ambiguity. He asked in a low tone: “What’s the matter?” The receptionist seemed to be stunned by his gaze and could not help but move her eyes off him. Then she forced herself to calm down and she smiled at Luo Wenzhou sweetly: “No, this is how it is. Our waitresses here usually use English names. Since you suddenly said a real name, I was not able to map the person immediately… Wu Xuechun… Is Wu Xuechun ‘Linda’?” Luo Wenzhou leaned back and did not answer. He stared at the reception lady for a while and asked coldly: “What? Do I need to show you my hukou (1) for ordering a waitress?” The receptionist hurriedly apologized, arranged a private room for him, and led him in. Luo Wenzhou was not sure if it was his imagination or if there were more people secretly observing him. After he walked away, the receptionist sighed heavily, took out a commercial walkie-talkie on the side, and whispered: “The person you said is here. He’s in the...

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SILENT READING: Chapter 17 – Julien Sixteen

Chapter 17: Julien Sixteen TL: cici, Editor: Isalee Synopsis: The sharp and short cry for help from the earpiece pierced the quiet canteen and even Fei Du sitting on the opposite side heard it.   First Published on Ainushi.    The sharp and short cry for help from the earpiece pierced the quiet canteen and even Fei Du sitting on the opposite side heard it. Luo Wenzhou redialed the number, but he could not get through. Although there was only one sound, Luo Wenzhou still figured that it was Chen Zhen, the illegitimate taxi driver. Chen Zhen reported Wang Hongliang because he had overheard Chen Yuan’s phone call, and he had some speculations based on hearsay evidence. He was never able to produce real evidence. Probably because Chen Yuan was afraid of pulling her family down so as to leave nothing useful after Wang Hongliang murdered her, he took all the evidence in the name of the “anti-drug”. In the end, the only evidence Luo Wenzhou got from Chen Zhen was an old photo album of his sister. When they departed, Luo Wenzhou could obviously feel the young man’s dissatisfaction. He had to explicitly tell him, “Don’t tell the others we have no evidence now, and don’t attempt to look for the evidence by yourself. If you recall anything at any time, call me – Even if you take the risk...

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SILENT READING: Chapter 16 – Julien Fifteen

Chapter 16: Julien Fifteen TL: cici, Editor: Isalee, Kittsune Synopsis: What attitude is that? I invited you for dinner only because you are so pitiful to be defeated in love.   First Published on Ainushi.    Tao Ran went out and saw Fei Du waiting at the door for him with his hands in his pockets. The noisy “woodpeckers” (1) at the entrance had not yet dispersed. The Bureau was just forced to release a rich second-generation who looked very suspicious. Fei Du could visualize the pressure floating over the Criminal Investigation Team. Therefore, he prepared himself for waiting until the end of the world. Unexpectedly, Tao Ran was very active to go off for the day. When he was in a daze, Tao Ran took the lead to start up the conversation: “Fei Du, come over. I have a few words to tell you.” Fei Du blinked and moved his eyes to the woman huddled in the chair: “What should we do with her?” Tao Ran got stumped. “It’s okay.” Luo Wenzhou came out, leaned against the door and nodded to Tao Ran. “I will ask for her consent after she wakes up. There is a guest house near the entrance. People who come here for business trips generally live there. It is safe and cheap. If she agrees, I will ask someone to reserve her a room over there. In...

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SILENT READING: Chapter 15 – Julien Fourteen

Chapter 15: Julien Fourteen TL: cici, Editor: Isalee Synopsis:  Expectedly, these two mental retards were only able to maintain the peace for only three minutes before they started the damn war again.   First Published on Ainushi.    “I hate analyzing the victim.” Lang Qiao pouted and put a pen under her lips and nose. “For those victims who are injured for no apparent reason, I feel like I need a long time before my heart to accept that. Why? Why does someone who is so good have to end up like that just because of bad luck? Why should someone who struggled to live for many years have to be killed by an unprovoked attack from a scum? But for those victims who are not innocent, or those that even deserve what they got, I feel that it serves them right. And… our action of finding the murderer on his behalf is no different than holding the candle to the devil, I… oh!” Luo Wenzhou had rolled the paper into a paper drum and knocked the back of her head, successfully stopping Lang Qiao’s long speech. Lang Qiao held the back of her head: “What did you hit me again for? What I said is what people feel! The police are also people!” Luo Wenzhou: “Want your salary or not?” Lang Qiao: “…Yes.” “Then just do your job. From where...

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