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Kiss the Black Cat 11

Kiss the Black Cat: Chapter 11 Translator: Hasr11 Editor: Mirial First published on Ainushi 11 As Legato stopped in front of me, I started speaking before he had a chance to say anything. 「Many thanks for your help. Squad Commander-dono is truly worthy of praise. You showed superb skills when capturing the two assassins.」 When I praised him from my heart, Legato replied modestly「No, I still have a long way to go.」and once again looked at me with a questioning gaze. I knew what Legato wanted to ask, but I kept quiet. Seeing me like that, Legato opened his mouth hesitantly. 「…You really saved me just now. If Nidel-dono hadn’t been present, I might not have been able to protect the prince.」 「No, it is I who should say so.」 「Nidel-dono can use offensive magic too, I see.」 At Legato’s words, I looked at his face, raising my eyebrows. 「The Tech Order consist of magicians after all. Of course we can use it. We just aren’t fond of actual fighting.」 「No, that wasn’t what I meant…You saved me with your wonderful discernment.」 I’d spoken to Legato in a slightly curt tone, incorrectly assuming that he was making a negative remark. Truly, I was happy being praised by Legato. I was proud that even though I was a magician, I could be helpful to this man. However, I had quite...

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Kiss the Black Cat 10

Kiss the Black Cat: Chapter 10 Translator: Hasr11 Editor: Mirial First published on Ainushi 10 Even though I said that the prince’s life was being targeted, our peaceful days continued and Prince Chennel lost his nervousness, now sleeping soundly on the bed each night. Beside him, Legato petted me as usual. Even though lately many people worked until late in the royal palace, everyone would have ceased their work at this late hour. I too dozed off for a bit while Legato petted me. However, when Legato’s hand froze with a flinch, his taut nerves were passed on though the place where he caressed me and I woke up instantly. I raised my head. Legato’s left hand had left me and was now quietly grasping the hilt of his sword. I silently raised myself up. Unfortunately, I only had senses comparable to an ordinary human and could not understand quite well what was going on, but if Legato had caught wind of something then there was no mistaking it. Since Legato sat as still as possible, I too thought it was better to not move, and stayed still on Legato’s lap, fraught with nerves. However, I made preparations to undo my usual transformation magic and release an offensive spell at the same time. Since Legato quietly got up while grasping his sword, I too nimbly jumped down onto the...

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Kiss the Black Cat 9

Kiss the Black Cat: Chapter 9 Translator: Hasr11 Editor: Mirial First published on Ainushi 9 It was currently peaceful around the prince. Two weeks had already passed since the guard duties started and we had entered the halfway point. I had been worried about whether my body would keep up, but I somehow managed. Unlike me, though, Legato, who was in a tense state all the time, seemed to get tired. His face seemed a bit pale, but he still tried his best to not show his fatigued appearance. Lately, Legato had begun taking care of me with the prince even before the prince slept and after he woke up. I wonder where he got it from, but he even began feeding me pet food. I’d basically eat it out of gratitude, but if he gave me something too cat-like, I’d ignore it. 「He’s quite wilful.」 「Earl likes food that’s for humans!」 Legato and the prince felt quite excited, talking about me. The prince was now thoroughly unafraid of Legato, and the two got along quite well. The two of them raised me well. I’m glad that’s the case, I thought while grooming myself. 「Earl, when I return to my country, come along with me.」 The price had lately been inviting me as such, but it wasn’t as if I could accompany him. Not only was I dissatisfied with...

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I Decided To Not Compete And Quietly Create Dolls Instead 33

Translator: Hasr11 Editor: Kai First published on Ainushi Chapter 33: Ancient Magic There’s an appearance by that person around chapter 20. [Hasr: it’s chapter 12 part 3] There’s more Author’s Notes. She’s talking about the edits and stuff. I swung about my sword recklessly, and cut the treads of the marionettes one after another. ‭ ‬ 70, 71, 72ーー. ‭ ‬ I’ve still got ways to go, this isn’t enough. ‭ ‬ A mountain of felled marionettes gathered around me. It might’ve been a vague estimate, but the number of bodies had definitely crossed 200. You needed a considerable number to match it. ‭ ‬ 83, 84, 85ーー. ‭ ‬ B‭it by bit, my vision blurred. I’d begun entering the danger zone.‬ ‭I wanted to cross the 100 mark, but now was a good time to stop.‬ ‭I didn’t want it the end with me overdoing it and fainting. Because it was nothing but the beginning of the counterattack. ‬ ーー90. ‭ ‬ Cancelling the magic, I returned from the supersonic world. All my muscles must have torn due to the intense movements. I couldn’t even stand. If I didn’t block the pain, I might have fainted. I fell down. ‭ ‬ What caught me wasn’t the earth heated up by the summers blaze. It was someone’s cold arm. ‭ ‬ ‭ ‬ 「Please forgive the late I, milady.」...

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Kiss the Black Cat 8

Kiss the Black Cat: Chapter 8 Translator: Hasr11 Editor: Mirial First published on Ainushi 8 From then on, my nightly spot was on Legato’s lap. Once I’d confirmed that the prince had fallen asleep, I’d quietly leave the bed and approach Legato. Legato too would quietly bend his upper body and lift me up from the floor. Within the bedchambers, Legato and I were like partners in crime. Partners in killing time. ‭ ‬ The Prince was able to sleep soundly now, and, as time passed, little by little, Legato inched his chair closer to the prince. When something happened, the closer he would be to the prince, the easier it would be to protect him. Even while petting me, as I lay on top of his lap, Legato watched over the sleeping prince. There were instances where I slept just for a bit, but I’d try to stay awake as long as possible. When I felt sleepy, I’d sway my tail and wrap it around Legato’s arm. ‭ ‬ I think Legato was originally liked by animals. However because he’d been hated by them, he wasn’t able to dote on them, and he was now looking after me to settle all of his pent up feelings. It felt good to have Legato pet me, his long, bony fingers moving slightly nervously. It was a perk of transforming into...

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