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Ossan Idol: Extra

Ossan Idol: Extra Translator: Hasr11 Editor: Isalee PR: Forseti First published on Ainushi Radio 『MiYoShi!』〜Let’s Compose a Song〜 <Opening Theme> 「Good evening everyone! I’m Miroku, planned vocals for 344(MiYoShi)! 」 「The same, I’m Yoichi, director of Saratsuki Company and…」 「The same, I’m the lead dancer, Shiju. 」 「The three of us together…」 「「「Are 344(MiYoShi)!」」」 「Yoichi-san, why do you always emphasise your company?」 「I’m complaining about being busy all time. To the producer that is.」 「Even if you do complain, you’ll surely be rejected, so don’t do such unnecessary things, Yoichi the Ossan.」 「Shiju, I’ve said this many times, but you and I are just one year apart……」 「Well then! Today’s theme is 『Let’s Compose a Song!』」 「Miroku will take charge……for you to come till here after being a hikikomori……」 「It’s deeply inspiring ……Continue on, Miroku-kun.」 「……I’ll continue then. Anyway, we’re planning to debut as idols. So we thought, isn’t the a 『Debut Song』the first most important thing? ……and so.」 「Ahh, that’s why there’s the thing about creating a song.」 「Since we’ll be singing a pop song about love, we decided to think about the lyrics of the song. But have you two thought of anything?」 「Ooh, I’ll go first then. I’m the type to get the things I hate done first. Ossan, read it with the standard of a voice actor’s beautiful voice.」 「That’s fine, but what’s with the...

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I Decided To Not Compete and Quietly Create Dolls Instead 32

Chapter 32 The Philosopher’s Stone Translator: Hasr11 Editor: Kai First published on Ainushi Chapter 32 I jumped from the window. The guest room was on the second floor of Garrett Palace, and it was quite a significant height, but I was uninjured thanks to the Wind Spirits. The dolls were stark naked. Spherical joints and cog-like structures peeled out from the seams of their bodies, and they made a strained hard screeching sound. Each one of their movements seemed sharp and mechanical to the extent of being excessive, it seemed as if it was stressing on the fact that they did not possess a will of their own. One amongst them, rushed at the noblewoman who had been paralysed with fear. It raised its arm high as if it were the scythe of the death reaper. I made it in the nick of time. At the last moment, I squeezed myself within the gap between the noblewoman and the doll. Relying on the momentum, I thrust my sword. Rather than to cut through, it was more of a stance to bash. Even if I may say so, I felt as if it was almost the moves of an experienced fighter. ……Even though I haven’t even fought once up until now. Maybe it’s because Weiss was assisting me. The blade hit the white porcelain body hard. It didn’t sweep sideways...

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Ossan Idol: Chapter 24

Translator: Hasr11 Editor: Forseti First published on Ainushi 24. The Feelings of the Surroundings and Miroku’s Sense of Distance. 「I heard the radio! I’ll be cheering you on 344!」 「Um, I like the easygoing and smooth and rich atmosphere……」 「Miroku-san, will you sing?」 「By Idol debut, you mean those three!?」 When Miroku went for his model work, there were reactions to his radio appearance at once. From the office side, Yoichi did publicity activities, but not only on social media and the official site, he sent mail and handed over advertisements addressed to Miroku’s acquaintances and the staff at his workplace too. Thanks to that, a lot of people listened to the radio. 「There are requests for you to appear as a guest for events, even from the shopping district near the office.」 「Is that so, thank you.」 「You three have already become famous in the neighbourhood thanks to that performance!」 Today, Fumi had accompanied him after a long time. Miroku was a little bit awkward having met after a long time, but because it was work, he could somehow switch over and reply normally. 「But still……It’s amazing that Miroku-san’s popularity stands out.」 「Hm, well, that’s because I was a model before.」 「That’s not what I meant.」 For some reason, Fumi seemed to be in low spirits. Noticing that, Miroku couldn’t help placing his hand on Fumi’s head with...

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Kiss the Black Cat 5

Translator: Hasr11 Editor: Cat First published on Ainushi 5 Daybreak arrived, and sitting in a daze with drowsiness, I received scraps from the prince’s breakfast; and noticing the increase in the number of bodyguards, I temporarily left the prince. When I rubbed my face against the prince’s legs and after going Nya~ Nya~, and turned my body around, as expected the prince, who had raised a cat understood my feelings.‬ ‭Saying 「Return back by nightfall」he made a slightly desolate face, but he permitted me to leave.‬ ‭He understood a cat’s wilful nature. Besides, after meowing in reply, I left that place. ‬ When I left the castle, the rays of sunlight poured in, and made my heart feel dispirited. In the first place, I lived a lifestyle avoiding basking in the sunlight, so it was too stimulating for this tired body of mine. I didn’t even have my robe to block it.‬ ‭I ran while reproaching my body, into the comfortable tower. And as soon as I entered the room, I undid the magic. It had been a long time since I’d used a long duration magic that lasted for around half a day, thus my senses felt strange for a moment. ‬ 「Yo Nidel, welcome back. How was it?」 「Perhaps you’ve been by the prince’s side all this time?」 ‭ ‬ To the mass of black that approached...

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Kiss the Black Cat 4

Kiss the Black Cat 4 Translator: Hasr11 Editor: Xeodee First published on Ainushi While choosing an inconspicuous path, I rushed towards the palace where the prince lived. I’ve visited inside the castle’s premises many times as an animal, so I was quite familiar with the grounds inside. There was a mountain near the castle. Because animals often trickled into the inner castle from the mountain, I wasn’t seen with much suspicion. It was to the extent of people saying 「Look, a black cat!」when I ran. Due to the fact that the bodyguard duty this time was to last all night — every single night — for a month, I had to use long-lasting magic. But in a situation where an assassin really appeared, I had to be able to fight. For that sake, I had to reserve a bare minimum amount of magical power. Thinking so, I paid attention to the allocation of magic. If it were a simple transformation magic, I don’t think I’d have to use magical power to that extent. However, I was a behind-the-scenes bodyguard. A considerable amount of technique was needed so that even the members of the Royal Palace Magic Corps will be tricked into not knowing that the creature was a transformed one. The reason I became a black cat was that it made me the happiest. I could become a cat...

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