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Author: hasr11

Ossan Idol : Chapter 16 – Miroku Seems Cool

「Good Morning!」

When Miroku entered the office, endeavouring in a 『Cheerful Greeting』, Yoichi, who was wrapped in a minty fragrance, listlessly raised his hand from the desk. It seems that the muscle pains from the week before were still persisting.

「Morning Miroku-kun, sorry for not coming to pick you up today」

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Child Rearing Journal of the Strongest Wiseman~About My Daughter Being the Cutest in the World~ Chapter 4

I live in Rowen province.
Formerly, it existed as a country called the Rowen Kingdom, but now it has become a part of the Neue・Mirredin Empire.
The former royal family became a duke’s house , and they were left in charge of governance.
That too is a story from when I was once a Sorcerer, so it’s a story from many hundreds of years ago.
At the time of being demoted from a royal family to a duke’s house, though there was one dispute that arose, that is something from long ago.
Now, it’s nothing more than a peaceful province.

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