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Waiting Upon You – Chapter 4 Act 11 Transaction

Waiting Upon You – Chapter 4 Act 11 Translator: helliotn Quality Check: Cat First Published on Ainushi.   Act 11: Transaction…       Ling Lang could only feel the strength drain from his legs which gave him some trouble in standing up still, he had to lean into Feng Hao’s arms and rest for a long time before he was able to calm down.   “How is it? Isn’t this way better than taking care of it by holing yourself up in the washroom?” Feng Hao joked.   Ling Lang suddenly felt lucky that his eyes were blindfolded at that time, otherwise he wasn’t sure how we was going to face Feng Hao’s teasing, it turns out for him that there had been no secrets all along in front of this person.   Feng Hao’s warmth parted from his body, and the sound of running water came from the bathroom not long after. After the sound of the water stopped, a short moment of silence was formed again, then the leather handcuffs around Ling Lang’s wrists were removed.   After the ribbon around his eyes had been taken off, Ling Lang shut his eyes out of habit, and slowly opened them after a while of getting used to the light again. The first thing he did after regaining his ability to see clearly was to inspect the state of...

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Waiting Upon You – Chapter 4 Act 10

Waiting Upon You – Chapter 4 Act 10 Translator: helliotn Quality Check: Misaki Yata First Published on Ainushi.   Act 10: Confession…       “Senior, how long do you plan on standing there?” Feng Hao sat cozily by the bed, and in a delighted mood he watched Ling Lang who stood afar by the door. Since his entry through the door, Ling Lang had already been standing in the same spot for five minutes. Under Feng Hao’s watchful gaze, he couldn’t bring himself to take even a single step forward. “I don’t mind if senior wishes to stand there for an entire night, but I’m afraid that senior may not have enough energy for the shoot tomorrow.” Ling Lang struggled to move his feet, One step, then another…… He’d only taken a few steps, but it felt as if he’d been walking for an entire century. Feng Hao watched in satisfaction as Ling Lang stood in front of him, waiting quietly for him to speak. “Give me back the key,” Ling Lang’s voice clearly showed his lack of spirit. Feng Hao continued to watch him without a word. “Give me back the key,” His voice was raised slightly. “So this is what comes of senior’s long, thoughtful consideration?” Feng Hao shook his finger, “Senior, you have to make a clear consideration, is this an order? Or a plea? To...

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Waiting Upon You – Chapter 4 Act 9 Key

Waiting Upon You – Chapter 4 Act 9 Translator: helliotn Quality Check: Misaki Yata First Published on Ainushi.   Act 9: Key…       The manager seemingly expecting Ling Lang’s answer, only nodded unsurprised.   “Can I meet him this time?”   The manager stood wearing a difficult look on his face.   “Is it really that hard to see him, even just once?”   Ling Lang received an apologetic smile, “You know how it is, nobody in this world has ever seen Mr. Mo in the flesh before.”   “I got it,” Ling Lang changed the subject, “About that thing I asked you last time, how is that going?”   “What thing?” The manager pretended to be ignorant.   Ling Lang did not speak either, and as such the two just dawdled on but in the end, the manager was unable to hold on.   “Oh, about the ad?” The manager stared up as if looking at the sky, “No news yet.”   “It’s already been half a year, I can’t even get an ad?” Ling Lang sneered, “I’m really am quite a disappointment as an actor.”   “Ah, how could you think that?” The manager quickly reassured him, “It’s not that you can’t get it, but no one can afford it. Just hearing about the endorsement fee could scare everyone off.”   “Then lower the price.”  ...

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Waiting Upon You – Chapter 3 Act 8 Weakness

Waiting Upon You – Chapter 3 Act 8 Translator: helliotn Quality Check: Misaki Yata First Published on Ainushi.   Act 8: Weakness…       “Cut!”   “Cut!”   “Cut!!!”   The director stretched out his head helplessly, “Are you feeling unwell today, Ling Lang?”   Ling Lang shook his head, but his complexion was terrible, “I’m sorry.”   His manager went over to them, “How many times has it been?”   The assistant counted the strokes scribbled onto the piece of paper, “If you don’t count the ones before, just this shot alone adds up to a total of 41.”   “That’s about to break the record isn’t it?”   “Mmhm.”   Feng Hao was quite deeply concerned about Ling Lang as well, “Senior, are you alright? You don’t look too good. Is it too cold?”   Ling Lang avoided his sight. At the moment, the one person he was most terrified of facing was Feng Hao, and as long as a scene appeared where he would have to initiate eye contact with him, he would be unsuccessful in completing it.   “I’m a bit tired, can I take a break?” Ling Lang asked.   “Oh……Alright,” said the director with a wave of his hand, “Fifteen-minute break.”   The assistant was very surprised: “Don’t you think that something’s a bit off with Ling Lang today?”   The manager nodded,...

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