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Waiting Upon You – Chapter 5 Act 14 Paparazzi

Waiting Upon You – Chapter 5 Act 14 Translator: helliotn Quality Check: Mirial First Published on Ainushi.   Act 14: Paparazzi…       At the hotel where the crew was staying at, a young man wearing a pair of sunglasses with a messenger bag slung around his shoulder showed up in the narrow corridor.   He appeared to be very cautious, looking around in a seemingly indifferent manner every few steps he took, making sure that nobody was behind him before he continued to walk forward towards the door labelled ‘1603’. After going through the process of elimination for several days, he had pinpointed this as Ling Lang’s room.   He wasn’t just anyone, he was the paparazzi that had been stalking Ling Lang and Feng Hao that day, and he was also the one who exposed the first scandal in ten years of the King of the Silver Screen. In a short period of time, all the newspapers under his news group had an increase in sales, and the topic became the editor-in-chief’s main focus.   This time, he had found the real location where Ling Lang’s new film was being shot after bribing an insider. The editor-in-chief gave him a large sum of money so that he could arrive there ahead of the crew to prepare his ambush.   Originally, he had wanted to become a respected...

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Waiting Upon You – Chapter 5 Act 13 Jailbreak

Waiting Upon You – Chapter 5 Act 13 Translator: helliotn Editor: Mirial First Published on Ainushi.   Act 13: Jailbreak…       The makeup artist carefully observed Ling Lang’s face for a while, before coming to a conclusion. “Ling Lang, have you been sleeping better than before? You had some blue under your eyes when we’d just reached the island, but now it’s all gone.”   Ling Lang did not turn his head, but from the corner of his eyes, he managed to catch Feng Hao at the next dressing table smiling at him.   Ling Lang closed his eyes and pretended not to have seen it. He could feel the makeup artist painting around his eyes with a large brush. “Is that no good?”   “It’s not.” The makeup artist frowned in deliberation. “You’re a criminal who was thrown into jail under a severe crime, being put in such a situation you’re riddled with stress and you’re encumbered with worry, how can you just sit back and relax? It was very suitable when you had some darkness under your eyes but now I have to draw them on for you.”   Everyone in the room other than Ling Lang and his manager broke out into laughter, while the manager spared an uneasy glance towards Feng Hao. Last night, he’d decided to bite the bullet and call Ling Lang’s...

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Waiting Upon You – Chapter 5 Act 12 Pet

Waiting Upon You – Chapter 5 Act 12 Translator: helliotn Quality Check: Cat, Misaki Yata, Mirial First Published on Ainushi.   Act 12: Pet…       Feng Hao had his back to the camera, blocking his actions from view, making it more fascinating for the audience.   “Open your mouth,” Feng Hao ordered curtly.   Ling Lang’s face was filled with unwillingness, but he was in no position to refuse.   Viewing the scene from behind, Ling Lang seemed to want to back out right at the moment when Feng Hao was about to enter, but Feng Hao had already seen through his plans.   “Bite me then,” said Feng Hao, causing Ling Lang to flinch in surprise, freezing as he realized that his intentions were seen through. He continued, “I’ll throw you out of here if you dare.     “If I can save you from the hands of those people, then I can send you back there, but they won’t treat you as nicely as I do.”   “Don’t you want to get out of here?” Ling Lang leaned back, turning towards the camera.   “It seems you still haven’t understood your situation.” Feng Hao leaned over and gripped his chin. “Do you really think you can escape on your own? I can’t even guarantee if you will survive the day. With just a single word from...

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Waiting Upon You – Chapter 4 Act 11 Transaction

Waiting Upon You – Chapter 4 Act 11 Translator: helliotn Quality Check: Cat, Misaki Yata First Published on Ainushi.   Act 11: Transaction…       Ling Lang could only feel the strength drain from his legs which gave him some trouble in standing up still, he had to lean into Feng Hao’s arms and rest for a long time before he was able to calm down.   “How is it? Isn’t this way better than taking care of it by holing yourself up in the washroom?” Feng Hao joked.   Ling Lang suddenly felt lucky that his eyes were blindfolded at that time, otherwise he wasn’t sure how we was going to face Feng Hao’s teasing, it turns out for him that there had been no secrets all along in front of this person.   Feng Hao’s warmth parted from his body, and the sound of running water came from the bathroom not long after. After the sound of the water stopped, a short moment of silence was formed again, then the leather handcuffs around Ling Lang’s wrists were removed.   After the ribbon around his eyes had been taken off, Ling Lang shut his eyes out of habit, and slowly opened them after a while of getting used to the light again. The first thing he did after regaining his ability to see clearly was to inspect the...

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Waiting Upon You – Chapter 4 Act 10

Waiting Upon You – Chapter 4 Act 10 Translator: helliotn Quality Check: Misaki Yata First Published on Ainushi.   Act 10: Confession…       “Senior, how long do you plan on standing there?” Feng Hao sat cozily by the bed, and in a delighted mood he watched Ling Lang who stood afar by the door. Since his entry through the door, Ling Lang had already been standing in the same spot for five minutes. Under Feng Hao’s watchful gaze, he couldn’t bring himself to take even a single step forward. “I don’t mind if senior wishes to stand there for an entire night, but I’m afraid that senior may not have enough energy for the shoot tomorrow.” Ling Lang struggled to move his feet, One step, then another…… He’d only taken a few steps, but it felt as if he’d been walking for an entire century. Feng Hao watched in satisfaction as Ling Lang stood in front of him, waiting quietly for him to speak. “Give me back the key,” Ling Lang’s voice clearly showed his lack of spirit. Feng Hao continued to watch him without a word. “Give me back the key,” His voice was raised slightly. “So this is what comes of senior’s long, thoughtful consideration?” Feng Hao shook his finger, “Senior, you have to make a clear consideration, is this an order? Or a plea? To...

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