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Author: Isabel

Masculine Puppy: Chapter 9

Ch. 9 Things Got Out of Hand. We’re Really Getting Married. Translator: Isabel Editor: MochiMochi First published on Ainushi.   “Are you able to kiss on the cheek, our newlyweds? We just had a couple who kissed on the cheek.”   Dae-Shik felt even more rushed at the salesman’s taunt. At the least, something stronger than a kiss on the cheek on the cheek needs to be shown to gain the last set of set of pork feet. However, the two of them of them were not a couple that that could kiss publicly. If they were to kiss, that would definitely be a shocking event to everyone.   “Instead of that…!”   Dae-Shik grabbed Ji-On’s wrist and pulled. While Ji-On was busy being startled as she was pulled, hehe lifted her up into a princess carry. Suddenly, Ji-On’s body was off the ground. She couldn’t help but become even more surprised. It had had all happened too fast for herher to resist. Dae-Shik continued his actions by starting to squat up and down.   On down, hehe shouted, “Overcome low birth rate!”   On up, he shouted,, “Honey, fighting1!”   He didn’t even eat that much cereal this morning, but he was as energetic as the cereal’s mascot tiger2.   ‘What do you mean honey…’   Ji-On couldn’t stop her face from blushing. My heart is working hard today. I’m...

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Masculine Puppy: Chapter 8

Ch.8 We’re Married? Since When? Translator: Isabel Editor: MochiMochi First published on Ainushi.   Hup, Ji-On held her breath on reflex as the distance between them shortened. It seemed as if the tips of their lips would touch. The two were squished against each other inside the zipped up jacket. The nervousness Ji-On felt from the kiss in the morning came back alive as Dae-Shik turned back into a human. It feels so weird. First off, my heart’s acting strange. It’s pit-a-pating like crazy. The overreacting heartbeats sound like drum beats resounding in my ears. The blood in my body seems to be heating up and causing heat flashes. There’s an aura of dizziness residing in my temples.     “Umm, will you pull this down?”   Dae-Shik pointed at the zipper behind him as he spoke. Ah, right, he’s still in my jacket. Ji-On stretched out her arm as if hugging him and pulled down the zipper. Dae-Shik, wearing a grey training outfit, took a step away from her.   “That’s a relief. I think it’s better for me to be a human right now.”   Ji-On dazedly nodded her head. Ah, then he won’t noisily bark like when he was puppy a while ago. Dae-Shik spoke in a low tone as he lightly flicked her nose.   “Why do you suck at grocery shopping?”   Huh? That means? The...

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Masculine Puppy: Chapter 7

Chapter 7:  Warm. And Soft. Translator: Isabel Editor: Kai Quality Checker: Me3 First published on Ainushi.     It started after the two people separated their interlocked lips. The surrounding air started swelling up firmly. Their hearts became jelly-like. Even their blood seemed to have become sticky and flowed slowly. More than that, the atmosphere became dangerous. It was the atmosphere where if anything untoward happened between a male and female, it wouldn’t be strange. It was the type of atmosphere where it would be natural for more to happen. Ji-On grabbed a hold of her hazy mind and focused on the person in front of her… Dae-Shik with red lips was standing in front of her. With the same expression as Ji-On.     “You… why haven’t you changed?”   Ji-On, who had been scared stiff, was barely able to move her mouth to ask. Dae-Shik, who had been standing scared with an innocent face, also had to exert strength to move his lips.   “It seems if it’s a ki…ss, I don’t change.”   Kiss, right, the two of us just kissed. Ji-On’s heart was about to melt away just from hearing that word. Dae-Shik and I ki…ssed. Her face became flushed and a fever rose up throughout her whole body. Dae-Shik, who tried to defend himself in any way, ended up kissing her.   “You’re not-not changing. That’s unfair!”...

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Masculine Puppy: Chapter 6

Chapter 6:  Huk? Aren’t These Sex Toys? Translator: Isabel Editor: Kai Quality Check: Noa First published on Ainushi.   ‘[Special] Photo of Executive Director Song Yoon-Hyuk! Exclusive Information! Exclusive Report!’   While the thumbnails of other articles had black silhouettes covering the face, this article seemed to show his face. Dae-Shik unconsciously clicked on the article.   First, the article reported on Song Yoon-Hyuk’s flashy feats. The only son of Korea’s economy-controlling Future Group’s CEO Song Byung-Suk. Receiving the most inheritance, the only heir, Song Yoon-Hyuk, was the greatest golden spoon. However, until now, his face had been completely concealed.   ‘If I’m a human, I think I’m at the least this type of human.’   Dae-Shik pondered as he glanced at the mirror on the desk. This clean face that looks like I grew up without hardships, this devilish charm that drips off this innocent puppy-like face, this elegance and luxuriousness that just flows off me. Kuh¹, even the name fits. Song Yoon-Hyuk. The name also sounds familiar.   However, as he continued scrolling down, the described Song Yoon-Hyuk was totally different. A gambling addict, drug addict, and even a playboy? A different woman every night? The epitome of corruption and promiscuity?   Even his cause of death was surprising. It wasn’t confirmed yet, but it’s said that he went to pleasure parties every night and gambled up a debt in the...

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Masculine Puppy: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The Male on My Bed is Human Dae-Shik Again? Translator: Isabel Editor: Kai Quality Check: Draygan First published on Ainushi.   At that moment…! Dae-Shik’s body started shrinking.   “Wh-what is this!”   His body was changing back into a small Pomeranian. This time, Ji-On saw the whole process. The tall man changed into a small, little puppy. His body got covered in furry, snow white fur and his puppy-like features really turned into a puppy’s face. Like popcorn, with a pop, the transformation finished! Oooh, this is such a cute and fascinating process. Ji-On’s face which had frozen from embarrassment filled with glee. This is it, this is what I wanted! I succeeded in changing him back to a puppy. This is the happiest event in the world!   “Kaang, kekang¹!”   Dae-Shik realized his situation and slowly crept backward. Ji-On swiftly grabbed the scruff of his neck and snapped on a dog collar.   “Caught you, you bastard!”   Dae-Shik wiggled and squirmed to get out of the collar, but she was firm.   “Do you now know who’s the master and who’s the pet? A butler? Who do you think you are, trying to order me around?”   The procedure to make him revert to a dog was really embarrassing and awkward, but it succeeded. Wasn’t success all that mattered? Muahahaha, a proud smile spread across...

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