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Re: Hero no Kaa-san: Chapter 8 – Somewhere Far

Chapter 8 – Somewhere Far TL: Januva Editor: Puissansa Quality Check: Kittsune First Published on Ainushi Basked in the light, the cute baby laughed and extended his hand. Just who is this child? The young girl thought as she held his hand. 「Kyau-, kyau-」 She smiled when she saw the baby cheering in joy. 「Ne, who are you?」 She asked him, but of course there wasn’t a reply. She found it fun, interesting and even comforting to play with the baby. She tenderly held his hand and absentmindedly pecked him on the cheek. (Areido) She got a reply after all. 「Eh!?」 She raised her voice in surprise. Babies are not supposed to be able to speak after all, but she clearly heard his voice. This child…. (Okaa-san, I’m Areido.) She heard it once again. 「Okaa-san? Me?」 (Okaa-san, Okaa-san, Okaa-san) 「I see, so you are my child…?」 She lovingly hugged her baby…. 「….-sama」 Just as she was about to rub her cheek against his…. 「Onee-sama!」 She snapped her eyes open with a start. Her sister was pouting before her. 「Mou! Onee-sama, you finally woke up!」 She spoke discontentedly. But, the young girl did not notice the state of her sister. 「Was that all just a dream…?」 She muttered absentmindedly. It felt way too real… POV switch 「….Onee-sama? What do you want to do?」 I specially came over to play, but...

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Re: Hero no Kaa-san: Chapter 7 – Alternative Settings (part 2)

  Chapter 7 – Alternative Setting (part 2) TL: Januva Editors: Puissansa and Momielxai First Published on Ainushi   Rublade Rud Grantham An existence that is becoming increasingly influential by the day. A Count of Hero Kingdom Makugaia, and Hero Areido’s first aristocratic vassal. When Hero Areido started raising his army, Count Grantham was the first to pledge his allegiance. At that time, none of the other nobles were willing to support Areido, so Count Grantham’s presence was greatly welcomed. After the war, the Grantham house was promoted from Count to Marquis, while his adopted son took up the position of Foreign Affairs Minister. Rublade’s personal achievements were not to be belittled as well, as he fought like an Asura against the forces of Makugaia and personally led the assault into the royal capital. Despite being more than 60 years of age, he mowed his way through swathes of enemies, dyeing his body red with the blood of enemy forces. However, just as he was about to reach the throne, his injuries piled up and he succumbed to death. For his valor, he was awarded the posthumous medal of a 1st class general.       2. (Non-Canon) If Fria married the bald chubby old man…   Rifirudeidoa Kiaru Grantham. Nicknamed Fria. Countess Grantham. Hobby: Embroidery Married the Count on her 16th birthday. With an age gap of more...

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Re: Hero no Kaa-san: Chapter 7 – Alternative Settings (part 1)

  Chapter 7 – Alternative Settings (part 1) TL: Januva Editors: Puissansa and Momielxai First Published on Ainushi   Fria’s Depression (Canon)   A few days before my 11th birthday… The mansion was busy with the preparations for my birthday party. (Why are they going to such an extent for just a birthday party…?) Although I was a little amazed, I somehow felt a little excited as well. Since I possess memories of my past life, I was way more mature than an ordinary 10 year old; but no matter how old I am, I couldn’t help but be happy when it comes to my birthday. Well, in my past life, I was on the verge of becoming a wizard, so I was probably dreading my 30th birthday, though. Unintentionally smiling as I thought of my past life, I weaved my way through the servants who were busying themselves with the preparations of the party and headed towards reception hall to look for Okaa-sama. I finally reached her while holding nothing but a souvenir – an embroidered handkerchief I did for fun. As expected of a noble, it matches my high noble-like mother, with flashy embroidery. It wasn’t as good as I’d like it to be, but back when I was practicing how to embroider a huge rose, she wanted one, so I made one for her using gold...

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Re: Hero no Kaa-san: Chapter 6 – I can make that declaration (part 2)

  Chapter 6 – I can make that declaration (part 2) TL: Januva Editors: Puissansa & Momielxai First Published on Ainushi   I hid my jealousy and maintained my smile. 「Mimosa really is a good girl.」 I spoke in the gentlest tone I could manage. 「…Un.」 Mimosa-chan nodded vigorously and hugged me. ….Even though she looks to be about 8, her height was roughly the same as mine. It’s somewhat shocking. 「Ah- erm?」 「What is it?」 「Mimosa Bathory, 8 years old. Can you tell me your name?」 She introduced herself all of a sudden. It was rather cute. At this moment, I felt that my smile was no longer forced. It couldn’t be helped, right? She really was cute. 「I’m Ria. 11 years old.」 「…older?」 「Yeah.」 「Then, you’re Nee-sama!」 Nee-sama!? I wonder why this gave me a yuri yuri feel… This is what I yearned for in my previous life as a male – which I had given up on after becoming a girl – but right now the feelings were welling up in my heart… Though when faced with the excessively sparkling pure eyes of Mimosa-chan, my wicked thoughts were blown away. 「Ano- Nee-sama?」 「Yeah?」 While I was still in the midst of confusion, Mimosa-chan caressed my stomach. Ah- this is bad. She will think I’m fat. To put it bluntly, it’s a woman’s shame. Wait, isn’t this...

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Re: Hero no Kaa-san: Chapter 6 – I can make that declaration (part 1)

  Made a mistake with the translation of the Fake Hero/ Holy Knight’s name. It should be Vintor instead of Wintergard.   Chapter 6 – I can make that declaration (part 1) TL: Januva Editors: Puissansa & Momielxai First Published on Ainushi   Freedom City State, Town of Mir Right after stepping onto the streets of Mir, she was greeted with the sight of people….crowds and crowds of them. 「Incredible. What a lively street…」 Ria muttered in amazement. The largest city she knew was the capital of Makugaia. To her, the capital was center of the world. But, Mir would give it a run for its money…. 「No, the passion, hope and determination of the people here are all things that Makugaia lack… This is where we will be living from now on.」 It was the final destination of Ria’s short but arduous journey, and where she will be spending at least the next 2 decades. 「Un, let’s do our best together, my baby.」 They will meet many people on this street. People who will eventually become the sworn friends of the Holy Mother and the Hero. Miko Hime Serdiane Holy Knight Vintor Wealthy Merchant Cain Bathory Strategy General Mimosa Winzley Eventually, the various stars will gather upon this town – the name of which begins with freedom – and create a huge wave, basking the world in its...

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