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Open Sea – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Conflict Translator: Kelaude Editor: Isalee & Pinkrainmi First Published on Ainushi       “OFF, why are you only online now? I’ve waited for you for so long.”   “I’m sorry, Ah Fei. I was held up by some work. I needed to keep some heavy buyers company. I only managed to get some free time now.”   “You must be very busy with your work.”   “It’s alright. It’s just some boring numbers.”   “My instincts tell me that you must be a successful person.”   “Are you really that confident in me?”   “Oh right, my roommate told me that you could be a very old and balding man, who’s also a sexually perverted exhibitionist.”   “Your roommate is really fascinating.”   “So…are you one or not?”   “Ah Fei, how you see me deep down is precisely what kind of person I am.”   “In my heart, you’re an extremely beautiful woman with a temperament that’s one in a thousand.”   “…”   “OFF, why are you quiet? Did I say something wrong? I’m sorry. I was just joking. I know you’re not fond of me asking you about your age, appearance, and so on. I won’t do it again next time.”   “It’s alright.”       As usual tonight, I only went to bed peacefully after chatting with OFF.   I...

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Open Sea – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 –  Passing Judgement at First Sight Translator: Kelaude Editor: Draygan QC: Kai & Kittsune First Published on Ainushi         “OFF, how did your day go?”   “So-so. How about you?”   “Dreadful!”     “What happened?”   “We got a new boss in the company and he doesn’t see eye-to-eye with me no matter what.”   “Ah Fei, don’t be so childish. Never ever make your situation with your boss worse.”   “I know but I just can’t help it. I get into a bad mood whenever I see his face.”   “Heh heh, Does he really look that detestable?”   “Not really. I just despise a bastard like him who lives in a completely different world from me, looking eminent and unapproachable. OFF, why do people have such differences in family backgrounds, social class and qualifications? Why can’t everyone start off from the same starting line?”   “Probably…because fate itself is never fair to begin with.”   “The thing is I don’t believe in fate. I only believe in myself. Every time I open my eyes in the morning, I will tell myself, you can do it! I want to become the top finance and economics analyst. I want to stand at the apex of this city, overlooking this entire land. I want those who used to step on me to look up to me hopefully,...

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Open Sea – Chapter 1

           I AM OFF            I am off, my heart is calling,            You are too far away from me.            ——Foreword Chapter 1 – OFF and Ah Fei Translator: Kelaude Editor: Mztlplx QC: Draygan First Published on Ainushi   It’s two o’clock in the wee hours of the morning and I’m still awake. My stomach is rumbling with hunger and yet, I don’t have any appetite to eat. This isn’t a hunger that comes from the physiological need for food. Instead, it is an indescribable sense of hollowness that comes from the mental state of mind. I have no idea why I’m feeling hollow. It’s probably due to exhaustion. Either I spent too much brain power and energy during the day, or I just wanted to find a place to subconsciously vent out my frustrations. Consequently, I sat upright, switched on my laptop and went online, logging in on MSN and the usual MACD Financial Futures trading forum. As expected, the online green avatar reminded me of someone’s existence. The full inbox in the forum further informed me that the individual was attentively reading all the topics I posted on suppositional futures firm offers. Thus, my spirits were instantly lifted. All of a sudden, I felt alive again in the chilly night as the time that seemed stagnant started to move again. Wiping my face, I then clicked on the chat button...

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