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Divorce: This is a Trivial Matter — Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Question — This is a mathematics question concerning remainders. 💍 The two-hour long class passed by quite quickly. Qi Xiao Yan worked on his own affairs throughout the entire time and treated Yang Wei’s voice as background music. When the class ended, he intended to withdraw. However, he saw a row of purple words appear on-screen when he went to do so. Future Mr. Perfect: 「Teacher Flower Buns, you don’t have a boyfriend?」   Yang Wei blinked and then said teasingly. 【Would you like to compete for the role?】   Future Mr. Perfect: 「Can I? 『shy』」    Yang Wei thought for a moment before she replied.. 【Let me ask you a question. If you answer it correctly within three seconds, I’ll consider giving you a chance.】 Future Mr. Perfect: 「I’ve loved before.」   Yang Wei: 【…That’s not it.】 Future Mr. Perfect: 「I’d save you first.」 Yang Wei: 【…】   She took a deep breath and then rapidly asked her question. 【A number is divisible by three with a remainder of two, divisible by five with a remainder of three, and divisible by seven with a remainder of two; what is this number?」 Li Gou Dan: 「23」   Yang Wei and Liang Ming Hao were both stunned when they saw his response. Liang Ming Hao was stunned because he hadn’t even managed to clearly comprehend the question, yet...

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Divorce: This is a Trivial Matter — Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Date — I’m currently single. 💍 Yang Wei stared at him blankly for quite a while until finally bursting into a fit of giggles. “Are you filming a movie?” Fang Cheng Ran’s lips slowly curved upward like silk threads being spun. “Are you willing to be my heroine then?” By chance, sunlight glinted off of his teeth as he smiled, making him look as handsome as an oil painting. Yang Wei felt that, at this moment, there probably wasn’t any girl capable of refusing Fang Cheng Ran. She pursed her lips before flashing him a smile and stepping into his car. Once the enchanting Maserati had carried Yang Wei far off into the distance, a chubby security guard standing near the entrance took out his phone and opened Moments. (1) 「Announcing the answer:  The handsome guy finally drove off with the fifth grade art teacher, Teacher Yang, in a Maserati. The end.」 A moment later, all of Moments exploded. Yang Wei tilted her head toward Fang Cheng Ran as she sat in the passenger seat and asked, “What type of food are we going to eat?” “Western-style food,” Fang Cheng Ran paused and then added, “at Moon Lovers.” 『Moon Lovers』 advertised the line, ‘If you love her, then take her to Moon Lovers,’ and thus ostentatiously swindled A City for years with it. Yang Wei blinked and...

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Divorce: This is a Trivial Matter — Chapter 8

Chapter 8: First Love — Actually, just like countless others, I had a crush on a senior when I was a first year university student. 💍 Song Xiao Fang was Song Jin’s real name. When she’d begun her career, the company had disdained the fact that her name wasn’t pleasant to hear and had thus given her the stage name ‘Song Jin.’ Her excited voice was dispersed by the wind as Qi Xiao Yan didn’t react much to her name. Song Jin continued to gaze at him, her smile gradually fading. “You don’t remember me?” Qi Xiao Yan replied, “I remember you. I’m just a bit surprised.” His ice-cold voice was like the purest crystal—just like Song Jin remembered. Her fading smile lit up once more, and she couldn’t help but walk up to his side. “How long has it been since we last saw each other? Ten years?” Qi Xiao Yan was more mature than she’d remembered and had only become even more attractive with the passage of time. She still wanted to talk some more, but when she saw some students walking their way, she instinctively grabbed his hand and dragged him inside of the school building to hide. The first floor’s pillar blocked the students’ view of them as Song Jin watched them walk out of sight. She then turned to Qi Xiao Yan and said...

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Divorce: This is a Trivial Matter — Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Discovery — As if the red scarf around his chest had become even more vivid. 💍 The blogger who’d sent the private message was called ‘Professor, Please Take Medicine,’ while their profile picture was a Q-version of a girl with beautiful, curly hair that inexplicably caused him to think of Yang Wei. He stared at the profile picture for several seconds before opening their Weibo. Their location was listed as A City, and they had listed ‘art teacher’ as their profession. Fang Cheng Ran’s eyes lit up as he continued to browse the Weibo. Posts where they roasted their students, complained about their principal, shared illustrations… Fang Cheng Ran unconsciously skimmed through the entire first page of posts. When he opened the next one, the first post immediately captured his attention. The post had been sent during Christmas last year and had a group photo attached of two people in front of an extremely large Christmas tree. There was a man and a woman, one of whom was Yang Wei, while the other was… Fang Cheng Ran’s brow slightly wrinkled; the man in the photo’s face was one that could easily be remembered. In his opinion, such a man could easily attract the gazes of countless women. In the photo, Yang Wei was holding onto his arm and happily laughing. However, the man was expressionlessly staring at...

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Divorce: This is a Trivial Matter — Chapter 6

【DTTM Team】  『 Translator 』— Kiseki → Buy Me a Coffee ♥ 『 Translation Checker 』— Midnight → Buy Me a Coffee ★ 『 Editor 』— Kidyeon → Buy Me a Coffee ♠ Chapter 6: Negative Score — Furthermore, looking at the author’s writing, it’s easy to tell how ugly they are. 💍 Yang Wei looked at him, slightly surprised. She racked her brains, but no matter how much she thought about it, she didn’t recognize such a handsome guy. She asked, puzzled, “Do we know each other?” Fang Cheng Ran’s eyes flashed with happiness, and he somewhat excitedly walked over to her. “Don’t you remember me? We were classmates in primary school. Back then, we were the only two Chinese people in the class.” Yang Wei blanked out. Indeed, she hadn’t attended primary school in the country. Back then, it was due to her and her mother following her father because he’d been sent to work at his parent company. They’d stayed there until she graduated primary school. Back then, there had only been two Chinese students in her class; thus, their teacher had intentionally seated the two of them next to each other. Their relationship back then had always been very good. She suddenly recalled that his name was Fang Cheng Ran, at last placing his face to the small boy in her memories. “Ah, you’re Fang Cheng Ran!” “That’s me; that’s me!” Elated, Fang Cheng Ran...

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