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Author: Kiseki

Divorce: This is a Trivial Matter — Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Substitute — You look a lot like Song Jin. 💍 After returning to the shore, Yang Wei immediately posted a status update on Weibo— Professor, Please Take Medicine: 「 Look quickly, there’s a cute fool flying through the sky.『bye-bye』」 Mama Yang had been shadowing Yang Wei the entire time, even all the way to the park. When she saw the final blind date leave, she immediately approached Yang Wei and asked, “How was it; how was it? Did you like any of them?” Yang Wei smiled and turned to look at her before saying, “These men from today wouldn’t happen to have been introduced to you by those plaza-dancing teammates of yours, would they?” Surprised, Mama Yang asked, “How did you know?” Yang Wei waved at her and walked away. Am I really your biological child? Mama Yang immediately chased after her as she inquired, “So none of them were pleasing to the eye?” Yang Wei suddenly stopped and solemnly grabbed Mama Yang’s shoulder before saying, “Mom, it’s only through sheer force of will that I’m alive right now. Please don’t ask me such a bizarre question again!” Mama Yang: “……” “Furthermore, you’ve used up all of this year’s share today; you’re not allowed to arrange any more blind dates for me for an entire year.”” Mama Yang: “…” Once Yang Wei got home, she immediately flopped...

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Divorce: This is a Trivial Matter — Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Blind Date — Finally finished meeting cute fools. 💍 According to her mom’s numbering, he was the first candidate: the archaeology professor. The professor looked older than Qi Xiao Yan; Yang Wei estimated that he was in his late thirties. He introduced himself to her in a scholarly manner and then began to say, after realizing her circumstances, “I’ve heard that you’re teaching the fine arts. In my opinion, the fine arts and archaeology are one and the same; both are artistically inclined. What about you; are you interested in archaeology?” Yang Wei replied, “Back when I was in high school, I read a book called 《The Missing Tomb》[1]. I was deeply invested in the scenes that the novel portrayed; thus, in university, I nearly declared as an archaeology major.” The professor asked, “Why didn’t you?” “Because my mom told me that archaeologists were all people who dug up the remains of other people’s graves.” Professor: “…” He muttered underneath his breath before saying, “The author of the book you’re talking about… it was Nanpai Dashu, right?” Yang Wei looked at him in surprise. “You’ve read the novel too?” The professor said, “That author was actually a student of mine. Due to failing an exam, he couldn’t continue studying in the same field anymore; thus, he switched professions and began writing books.” Yang Wei: “…” Professor, don’t...

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Divorce: This is a Trivial Matter — Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Salad — Do you want an odd or even number? 💍 Seven o’clock in the evening was when Tian Xia Restaurant was the most packed. As he drove through the parking lot, Fang Cheng Ran looked all over for a parking spot. Ahead of him, a man and woman were exiting their car. When he drove past them, his gaze was subconsciously drawn to them. The man was quite tall; he had a white shirt on, and his unusually long black hair had a slight natural curl to it. The woman next to him… who was she? She had a slim figure, and was wearing a black hat and a pair of sunglasses. Her curled flaxen hair was very similar to Yang Wei. It felt like he’d seen her somewhere before… Song Jin? “What’s up? Do you recognize them?” Papa Fang asked from the back seat. Fang Cheng Ran withdrew his gaze and turned into an empty spot. “No. I thought it was a friend of mine, but it seems that I was mistaken.” Papa Fang snorted coldly. “I thought it was your girlfriend.” Fang Cheng Ran laughed dryly. “Father, I feel like I’m nothing more than a frivolous playboy in your eyes.” Papa Fang asked, astonished, “Don’t tell me you aren’t?” Fang Cheng Ran fell silent. He’d gone through great trouble to invite them out for...

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Divorce: This is a Trivial Matter — Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Exposed — Do you know how to pay the the water and electricity bill? 💍 It just happened to be lunchtime. The students of Imperial Capital University were currently enjoying their carefree weekend. A slender male figure rushed through the entrance, his appearance incongruous with his surroundings. Qi Xiao Yan had gone to the teaching and research building this morning and had just started to head downstairs. When he saw the time, he’d decided to head to the cafeteria and eat lunch first. As soon as he turned to descend the stairs, he heard someone call out from behind him. “Qi Xiao Yan!” This voice was definitely not one that would be considered friendly; in fact, it could even be described as somewhat ferocious. Nevertheless, Qi Xiao Yan still turned around—because the voice he’d heard was Yang Ming’s. Yang Ming’s black hair was quite disheveled because of his intense sprinting. When he reached Qi Xiao Yan, he hadn’t slowed down at all. Instead, he swung his fist toward Qi Xiao Yan’s face. Followed by a rush of cold wind, his fist accurately slammed into Qi Xiao Yan’s chin, causing him to stagger a couple of steps back. Qi Xiao Yan licked his lips, feeling the pain radiating from the corner of his mouth. Yang Ming towered above Qi Xiao Yan, his fury not abated in the slightest...

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Divorce: This is a Trivial Matter — Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Question — This is a mathematics question concerning remainders. 💍 The two-hour long class passed by quite quickly. Qi Xiao Yan worked on his own affairs throughout the entire time and treated Yang Wei’s voice as background music. When the class ended, he intended to withdraw. However, he saw a row of purple words appear on-screen when he went to do so. Future Mr. Perfect: 「Teacher Flower Buns, you don’t have a boyfriend?」   Yang Wei blinked and then said teasingly. 【Would you like to compete for the role?】   Future Mr. Perfect: 「Can I? 『shy』」    Yang Wei thought for a moment before she replied.. 【Let me ask you a question. If you answer it correctly within three seconds, I’ll consider giving you a chance.】 Future Mr. Perfect: 「I’ve loved before.」   Yang Wei: 【…That’s not it.】 Future Mr. Perfect: 「I’d save you first.」 Yang Wei: 【…】   She took a deep breath and then rapidly asked her question. 【A number is divisible by three with a remainder of two, divisible by five with a remainder of three, and divisible by seven with a remainder of two; what is this number?」 Li Gou Dan: 「23」   Yang Wei and Liang Ming Hao were both stunned when they saw his response. Liang Ming Hao was stunned because he hadn’t even managed to clearly comprehend the question, yet...

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