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Author: Krrizis Ainushi

Happy Life: 12 Years Old: Chapter 56 – Farewell

12 Years Old: Chapter 56 – Farewell TL: Krrizis Editor: Om Athalye & Me3 First published on Ainushi     Author’s note: Warning. This chapter contains cruel depictions.     Thinking back, Gilles really had trouble dealing with his real father. Or more to the point, he was scared of him. The fact that just coming into contact with him was enough to make him see nightmares, Lord Alfred was someone that he couldn’t deal with.   「….. Gilles」   Gilles slowly steadied me on my feet whilst gazing calmly in Lord Alfred’s direction. Compared to the past when he confronted him, there was no fear or dismay in his expression. Instead, he had a composed countenance. I even surmised a faint smile dancing on his lips as he gently stroked my head. On the contrary, I was in a panic, looking alternatively between Lord Alfred and Gilles, wondering whether Gilles would be alright. His Lordship was the same as always, not a fragment of love could be found for his son in his cold gaze.   「Honestly, let’s not have our personal feelings get in the way….. Please don’t interfere」   Those words were not directed to Lord Alfred, but to the people surrounding. Father had obviously showed up when Lord Alfred had launched his sorcery at me. He thought of apprehending him as soon as he saw...

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Loner & Juliet Chapter 50 Omake – Class Rep’s Observation Diary: Behind the Scenes

Chapter 50 Omake – Class Rep’s Observation Diary: Behind the Scenes Translator: Kriz Editor: Forsetti First published on Ainushi     I am known as Class Rep. My real name? (Omitted)   『Now then, it’s time for our meeting to commence』 『Yes~』 『Yes~』 『Yes~』    Right after school, just as people were about to make a beeline home, an announcement notifying the commencement of the designated 『Class Rep & Classroom Meeting』was sent via the LINE group chat and thus, their replies came in one after another.  For the purpose of today’s meeting, I had opened the group chat and sent out invitations to everyone with the exception of『Asakura-san』,『Andou-kun』and『Momoi-san』; and of course,『Yamada』.  In other words, for this meeting, all of the classmates with the exception of the three of them plus one were participating in today’s exchange. Now, as to the reason why only these trio『Asakura-san』,『Andou-kun』and『Momoi-san』… And that extra,『Yamada』were excluded from this meeting—   『Now then, our class will now commence the session… on how the class shall deal with both Asakura-san and Andou-kun』 『Yes~』 『Yes~』 『Yes~』    That is to say, that’s exactly what this is about. In the incident the other day, Asakura-san went berserk trying to cover it up. Whilst at a glance, it looked like everything had been resolved but as one might expect, none of the classmates had any idea what she was on about....

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Loner & Juliet Chapter 46 Omake – What if Series 「What if Asakura-san was a maid?」

Chapter 46 Omake – What if Series 「What if Asakura-san was a maid?」 Translator: Kriz Editor: Forsetti First published on Ainushi       Andou-kun’s house     「Umm… I’m home」 「W, Welcum ba-back! Ma-Ma, Master!」 「Asakura-san, relax…We’re just playing house so you don’t have to be so tense」 「Uuwha-! W-W-What are you saying, Andou-ku— No, that’s not it… M-M-Master!? It’s not as if I’m panicking with mixed emotions like feeling『happy』and『embarrassed』just ‘cause I’ve become Master’s maid! 」 「Oh…Um, I don’t really get what’s going on but as long as you’re fine, it’s all good right?」 「Yup! There’s nothing wrong with me at all! Umm, so that’s why as Master’s maid, I got to serve you diligently!」 「Okay. Well, I’m looking forward to it」   Well, even though she said she’s a maid, at most it’s like getting a『free』helping hand so there’s no issues there, I suppose… (Andou)   「Then… M-Master!」 「Yes? What is it, Asakura-san?」 「T-That is, do you… want food first? A-A bath? Or… me—-」 「HAH!? WAWAWA, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! HOLD ON A SEC! ASAKURA-SAN, STO–P! That’s wrong! That’s not how a maid acts! And, why are you saying those things!?」       Conclusion   Asakura-san behaves rashly, acting like something that isn’t a...

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Loner & Juliet Chapter 45 Omake – 「Maid」

Chapter 45 Omake – 「Maid」 Translator: Kriz Editor: Forsetti First published on Ainushi       『Now then, I think I’ll check out that feature on maid cafes in Akihabara that’s on now』 ← Television 「Hnnnn~…Onii-cha~n」 「Oh, it’s you. What’s up? I’m in the middle of cleaning the dishes up right now」*scrub scrub!* 「You’re not watching the maid cafe feature that’s on TV?」 「… My dear Imouto. I’m more or less listening to it. Why do you even need me to say it?」 「Eh~  Aren’t otakus like you, Onii-chan, super duperly in love with『maids』?」 「Hell no!? You, You can’t just assume that all otakus out there are into maids!」 「Heh~ Is that so?」 「… I, Imouto. Don’t you ever say that remark you just made earlier to anyone else… It’s fine since it’s me that you said it to but if you said that to others, you’ll be in trouble, got it?」 「Hmmmm~ Okay~」 「…………」   Did she actually get that through her head? (Andou)   Mmm, that’s weird. I’m pretty sure onii-chan has quite a number of 『maid related stuffs』at the bottom shelf of his bookcase? (Imouto)   「Anyway, Onii-chan. So you’re not going to watch the feature?」 「…………Well, I’ll tune in when I take a break after I’m done washing up …」 「What’s this? So you DO like them!」 「No, ‘course not…」   H, Honestly I just want to...

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