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Loner and Juliet Chapter 25 Omake: Manga

Chapter 25 Omake: Manga Translator: Krrizis Editor: Me3     「Speaking of which, do you read manga, Asakura-san?」 「Well … It’s not like I don’t read any. Lately, I’ve been reading manga adaptations of Narou novels. Aside from that, the usual stuff that people read」 「I see」     Stuff that everyone reads… The sort that the other girls in the class read? That would mean the monthlyC Fantasy magazine or shoujo manga? (Andou) Yeah, I don’t really read any mangas aside from the Narou adaptions. If I have to name a few of those, it’s the Jump-type mangas like『No Piece』,『MARUTO』,『White Clover』,『Gaiso Renkin』,『My Hero Company』. The usual sort. (Asakura)   「Andou-kun, do you read manga?」 「Yea, I read a few」 「Heh~ You read a lot of light novels though, do you even have time for manga?」 「Ahahaha. I’m a『loner』so I have all the time in the world」 「Ah…」 「…………」 「…………」   *crickets creaking*   「T, Then… What type of manga do you usually read?」 「I―― read all sorts? I read the three most popular weekly manga magazines. If it’s other magazines like the monthly publications or the Young series, then it’s『C Fantasy』,『Young Manual』,『Good Morning』and『Sandai Young Magazine』. Finally, if it’s shoujo manga, then I read『Yume to Hana』,『Saga Red』and『Friends』magazine」 「A, Andou-kun… You seriously read only those mangas? On top of that, you read light novels as well…? You seriously have a...

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Loner and Juliet Chapter 24 Omake: Survey

Chapter 24 Omake: Survey Translator: Krrizis Editor: Me3   「This is a survey」 「Eh, what? What’s up with this all of a sudden… Asakura-san?」 「Never mind about that! Anyway, it’s a survey! All you have to do is just answer my questions, Andou-kun!」*Hmph!* 「A, alright… Got it」 「Then, I’ll begin ♪」*excited* 「Nnn」 「First question:『Do you eat rice for breakfast? Or are you a bread person?』」 「I don’t have an appetite in the morning so I don’t eat breakfast」 「Heh~ You’re not a morning person, are you?」 「Yeah well」     I wonder what’s going on? Is Asakura-san suggesting that it’s unlike me again? (Andou)   Fufun! Somehow I was able to get Andou-kun to take the survey without him suspecting anything! As expected of me! To tell you the truth, I want to know more about Andou-kun but with my pride as『the prettiest girl in the school』,  I can’t openly ask him questions. So by pretending to conduct a survey, I can freely ask him questions about his private life and his tastes. It’s a nice strategy! (Asakura)   Well, Asakura-san always says crazy things so I’ll just go along with it (Andou)   Fufufu … Andou-kun, get ready! From now on, I’m going to pretend that it’s a normal survey whilst I chuck random questions at you! (Asakura)     「『Which would you raise with your prospective wife?...

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Loner and Juliet Chapter 22 Omake: Asakura-san’s Magnificent Gourmet

Chapter 22 Omake: Asakura-san’s Magnificent Gourmet Translator: Krrizis Editor: Me3     「Everyone, thank you for inviting me to lunch today」 『Yes~!』     Ufufu. Today, I was invited to have lunch today together with ten of the girls in my class in the cafeteria. Usually I always have it with my best friend. Nevertheless, there are a lot of kids within and outside of my class that tend to ask me out. Therefore, once in a while I will go out for lunch with these kids (Asakura)     「Wah~ To be able to have lunch with the Asakura-san, what an honour!」 「Isn’t this exceedingly delightful, right, friends?」 「Today, I’m so thrilled that… I’ll get the spring cabbage specials!」     Fufu, they’re all such good kids (Asakura)     「Then, shall we dig in? Itadakimasu」 『Itadakimaーsu!』     As I expected, lunch is livelier when you’re eating with a crowd. Now, I should get started on the hamburg set that I requested (Asakura)     「But… I’m surprised that you ordered a『hamburg』, Asakura-san」 「That’s totally unexpected, right, friends?」 「Me too! With Asakura-san’s『elegance』and『grace』,『spaghetti』or a more『stylish dish』would suit her image」     Well, that’s a given. But my favorite food is hamburg and it’s not as if I care if my image is tarnished. After all, to me, a shallow image is unnecessary (Asakura)     「Ufufu, does the...

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Crying in the Night, Unseen – Ch 5

Flowing Translator: chibiPotato TLC: Krrizis & ShiraAichan Editor: Shirani First Published on Ainushi       ------ Their values were different.     After breaking up with Sakura, I got a new girlfriend.     No, strictly speaking, I was two timing.     I liked my new girlfriend. But, I didn’t think about breaking up with Sakura.     Even though we didn’t have sex, but it was pleasant to be with Sakura. I wasn’t supposed to let go of such a sweet concept, but I was told to break up by Sakura when she found out the truth.   That I had a young and cute girlfriend.       That’s why my break up with Sakura was lonely, but there were no feelings of sadness. But, my new girlfriend is really different than Sakura.       When we go out to eat, she’d say ‘Thank you for the meal’, and I’d have to pay for all of it. If it was Sakura, then she would have done the calculation and then handed out half the amount as if it was natural.       When I can’t decide where to go for a date, my girlfriend just says ‘anywhere is fine’.     Sakura would always research on the net and picking at least 3, she would ask me, ‘What do you think, Satoru??’    ...

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Crying in the Night, Unseen – Ch 4 Pt 3

To Spill Out (Pt 3) Translator: chibiPotato TLC: Krrizis & ShiraAichan Editor: Shirani First Published on Ainushi       Kiuchi’s eyes were fixed on a couple in front walking towards us; the guy from that couple was also looking at Kiuchi. I understood immediately after looking at Kiuchi’s state. … That was Kiuchi’s ex-boyfriend. That was the guy who cast Kiuchi away. The woman from that couple sensed something wrong in the atmosphere. Although I thought it would be good if they quickly passed us by, Kiuchi’s ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend came to a stop in front of us. “Are you Satoru’s friend??” She shook Kiuchi’s ex-boyfriend’s arm. “Ah…… I used to be Kono-kun’s classmate in university, my name is Kiuchi. Nice to meet you.” Kiuchi hurriedly put a smile on her face.     A university classmate…. That was probably the truth. As expected, she can’t call herself ‘the former girlfriend’.   “I’m a junior at the same workplace as Satoru. My name is Sato.” Sato looked like a good girl with good manners. If she was a more disagreeable person then she would have said ‘Foolish man, why are you stopping in front of such a woman’ and then, Kiuchi would probably not have felt this depressed. “Is the handsome guy besides Kiuchi-san, your boyfriend??” Sato-san nodded at me with a smile. “Nice to meet you. I’m Tachibana,...

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