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Author: Krrizis Ainushi

Loner & Juliet Chapter 44 Omake – What if Series 「What if Asakura-san was a guy?」

Chapter 44 Omake – What if Series 「What if Asakura-san was a guy?」 Translator: Kriz Editor: Forsetti First published on Ainushi     「Morning, Andou-kun」   The handsomest guy in school, the famous 『Asakura』just spoke to me, the person seated right next to him…As the most popular person in our class, I’m sure he’s just treating a 『loner』like myself the same as he does with everyone else. Yup, yup. As expected from the coolest guy in school. It’s not just his looks, his heart is noble too… Yeah, his cool factor is way more than I can handle that I’m feeling irritated by it. I’m just going to ignore him for now. (Andou)   「…………」 「Did you ignore me!? A-Andou-kun!? Shouldn’t you be returning my greeting since we’re both classmates?」 「Eh … No?  I’m just a『loner』. For me to greet you, Asakura-kun, an existence with the status of the『King of Normies (AHAHAHAHHA)』would be too magnanimous… and overstepping the line, so it’s impossible for me」 「What the heck is the ‘King of Normies’!? Hold on, are you dissing me nonchalantly!?」 「That – hahahaha – is absurd – hahahhaha – oh Normie Lord, Asakura (AHAHAHAHA)」 「No, you’re clearly making fun of me!?」   Kek! Well obviously! HELLLOOOO! To begin with, why would a normie like yourself come up to talk to me, a『loner』everyday!? (Andou)   Mmm, why does Andou-kun always treat...

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Loner & Juliet Chapter 43 Omake – What if series 「What if Andou-kun was a girl?」

Chapter 43 Omake – What if series 「What if Andou-kun was a girl?」 Translator: Kriz Editor: Forsetti First published on Ainushi     「Ara! Morning, Andou-san」 「Hiek! Ah wa wa…G, Good morning… Asakura-san」 「Oh, Andou-san. You don’t have to be so polite with me. We’re classmates after all」 「T-T-T, That’s too much… I-I-I, I can’t do that! I mean, that’s because it’s you Asakura-san. You’re regarded as the classiest beauty even amongst all of us girls… Compared to you, someone like me is just…Hah, I’m just a dull light novel nerd…」 「Andou-san…」   Uh huh…Oh, Andou-san! You always say that and try to avoid me when t, the truth is I’m a light novel otaku who really loves『Narou』. Which is why I really want to get to know you better as you love them just as much as I do… (Asakura)   「W, Well then! I’m just going to confine myself in the toilet for a while till the teacher arrives—-FUKYAHHH!」 「AHH! Andou-san!? If you stand up so abruptly, you’ll fall!」   Hawawawa! I tangled my legs when I got up so suddenly… (Andou)   That was dangerous, Andou-san…I have to help her up otherwise—!!! (Asakura)   「Andou-san, give me your hand!」 「Y-Yes!」   *grab!*   「Hawawa… My sincere apologies that you have to support this clumsy me…」 「Fuu, it’s alright as long as you’re alright, Andou-san♪」 「A-Asakura-san…」 「Andou…san?」...

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Loner & Juliet Chapter 42 Omake – Impetus

Chapter 42 Omake – Impetus Translator: Kriz Editor: Forsetti First published on Ainushi     「That reminds me, Andou-kun」 「Yes, Asakura-san?」 「How did you first get into reading light novels?」 「How, huh?… If we’re talking about how it all began, it has to start with the first light novel I ever bought『Toaru Shakugan no Zero no Haruhi no Tsukaima』. Have you heard of it?」 「Of course I have! I’ve even watched the anime. Also, if I’m not wrong, I heard it was also released as a visual novel?」 「Yup, you’re absolutely right. Actually, if it wasn’t because I had seen the anime first, I wouldn’t have known about the light novel as I thought『Is this a manga adaptation?』.  It was because I really enjoyed that, that I immediately dived into the light novels」 「Is that so. It was surprisingly different from the average stuff. But I knew that back then, the light novel had spanned across multiple volumes 」 「Speaking of which, Asakura-san, 『what got you into light novels』?」 「Eh, m-me? A-Andou-kun… You want to know what『got』me into light novels?」 「Yeah. I mean, you don’t really read manga nor watch anime in the first place so I’m really curious what got you into it」 「Ah huh!」     Andou-kun’s taken an interest in me! Urk… To be honest, it’s an embarrassing story to recount… But since Andou-kun said『I want...

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Loner & Juliet Chapter 41 Omake: Fashion Sense

Chapter 41 Omake: Fashion Sense Translator: Kriz Editor: Mochimochi First published on Ainushi       「By the way, Onii-chan, which amongst all the clothes here in『Uniqlo』fits your fashion sense?」 「Eh, what… What’s with that sarcastic opening question from you…?」 「It’s exactly as you said. You might as well take the opportunity to go all out and slay in a fashion sense that you imagine as『cool!』」 「What kind of fashion breaker slayer delusion are you conjuring up!?」     First Point:  Plaid Shirts   「Hmm, I don’t know about this but I guess it works?」 「Onii-chan… That’s awful.」 「What is!?」 「No, just no… No one wears plaid shirts in this day and age, Oniichan… Seriously, no one.」 「Eh? What!? Plaids are a no-go? Not the shape of the collar or the color?」     Second Point:  Racing Jacket   「How do you feel about this? Onii-chan, I’m confident this time t—–Somehow, I guess this isn’t meant to be…」 「Don’t tell me I look like a letdown!?」 「No no no no, Onii-chan. This looks like you’re overreaching though…」 「Overreaching!? What do you mean by that, my dear sister! Aren’t there tons of actors dressing up in these on television? Besides, didn’t you say something earlier along the lines of『There are no issues if you’re dressed in clothes like the ones that are being worn by fashion models』?」 「Haaa, Oniichan… Listen...

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MM: Lily’s Simple & Easy Recipes – Part 4

5-4: Lily’s Simple & Easy Recipes TL: Krrizis Editor: Me3 First published on Ainushi   I felt relieved when Jill smiled after tasting it. I’m glad she liked it. Then, I’ll make neapolitan spaghetti next time.   Neapolitan spaghetti is delicious. It’s an original Japanese derived recipe that can’t be found in this world.   I love the rustic flavors in that dish. I’m sure Jill will be delighted by it too.   Now, what other dishes can I make with ketchup…   「Should I make stuffed bell peppers?」   I might have to make Leonard-sama’s bento this evening as well and at least, that doesn’t have juices in it. As I was considering making hamburgs to go along with it, Jill tugged on my sleeves anxiously.   「What’s wrong?」 「You’ll cook bell peppers?」 「I know, you dislikes peppers. I was just thinking of what I can make for Leonard-sama」   That’s why you don’t need to make a face like you’re about to cry. I won’t force you to eat them.   「… Are they tasty?」 「I think they are… Do you want to try it? I won’t force you to eat them」 「Well… If I eat them, will Otou-san praise me and pat my head?」   Oh, I see. I finally get it.   「Jill, do you want to see Leonard-sama?」 「… Yeah」    I gently stroked...

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