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B1G1F — Chapter 028

Translator: Mandarin TLC: Tangerine Editor: Jafz Cheng Anya’s Warped Education 2 (3rd Edit) In this lifetime, Ning Ning was her best gift. He was the apple of her eye, and Cheng Anya wouldn’t let anyone injure a single hair on...

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B1G1F — Chapter 027

Translator: Mandarin TLC: Juzi Editor: Satsuma Cheng Anya’s Warped Education (Second Edit) Ning Ning divided the fruits, vegetables, and meat into neat rows. Washing a pot and plugging in the rice cooker, he smiled gracefully...

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B1G1F — Chapter 026

Translator: Mandarin TLC: Juzi Masochistic Tendencies At a certain apartment building, Cheng Anya froze as soon as she returned home. Today her baby hadn’t come back, she frowned. Eh, shouldn’t Ning Ning be cooking around now?...

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B1G1F — Chapter 025

Translator: Mandarin TLC: Juzi Editor: Satsuma Bastard (Third Edit) This district was where the rich lived, with fashionable villas in great numbers. English-styled villas, German-styled villas, Gothic Renaissance-styled villas,...

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B1G1F — Chapter 024

Translator: Mandarin TLC: Juzi, Lonering Sorrow (2nd edit) Ye Chen didn’t feel even the least bit guilty and ate that one lunchbox with relish until he was very full and very satisfied. It had been a very long time for him since...

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