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B1G1F — Chapter 004

Translator: Mandarin Editor: Bigredcomrade Ye Sanshao’s ¥100 Prostitution After a night of confusion and dubious passion. Waking up, Cheng Anya, who ached all over from head to toe, immediately cursed Ye Chen a billion...

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GG Chapter 2

TL: mandarin TLC: Piroton, Queen (part), DanDG (part) Editor(s): Bigredcomrade, Qwaztop (part) Master and Disciple are Predestined to Fail Together    Even if you can’t fight monsters, that doesn’t mean you can’t level up. This...

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B1G1F — Chapter 003

Translator: Mikan, Mandarin TLC/Edit: Mandarin A Million and Ten Million By the time the door to the room closed with a bloated sound, Ye Chen was already at the limit of his patience, turning around and pressing Cheng Anya...

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GG Chapter 1

Translator: mandarin TLC/Editor: Queen This Kind of Successful Refinement is the Best!    Ning Xin grasped the mouse, moving it until it reached «Myth»’s login interface. Clicking OK, she ran to the freezer that was conveniently...

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New Member No. 1

Hello, hello~ This is mandarin from Orange Translations! (a baby blog most of you probably don’t know about //insert shameless plug-in) I will be working on a project for kriz that will be posted primarily here. My fellow...

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