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Waiting Upon You – Chapter 3 Act 7 Cat out of the bag

Waiting Upon You – Chapter 3 Act 7 Translator: PKitty TLC: Momoe Pom Editor:  Lady Blue Quality Check: Shirani First Published on Ainushi.   Act 7: Cat out of the bag The reporters had been fired up ever since Feng Hao appeared on the scene. After all, this was the first guy ever involved with the King of the Silver Screen in a scandal in ten years. Just a few blurry pictures and a baseless report was enough for the media to stir a ruckus for half a month. Finally, both parties involved did not respond and eventually, it came to an end. Such big news had just cooled down for a couple of days and yet both of them would actually be starring as opponents in another show once more. Senior’s “unspoken rules” with a junior, the fantasies couldn’t be more stirring. The reporters still had some reservations towards Ling Lang, they did not dare to ask too explicitly, but towards Feng Hao, there were no restrictions. At that moment, a non-stop barrage of uninhibited personal questions were hurled at Feng Hao. At first, the host dismissed a few sentences, later however, it became more and more difficult to control the whole situation. The manager below the stage ground his teeth, on the contrary, the assistant scrolled through weibo with a calm face. “What kind of connections does Feng Hao...

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Waiting Upon You – Chapter 2 Act 6 Scandal

Waiting Upon You – Chapter 2 Act 6 Translator: PKitty TLC: Momoe Pom Editor:  Lady Blue Quality Check: MochiMochi95 First Published on Ainushi.   Act 6, Scandal…    After hearing that, Feng Hao thought of turning back to take a look, but was stopped by Ling Lang.   “Don’t turn back,” he said.   Immediately Feng Hao understood; he looked at what was behind them through the rearview mirror, and sure enough he saw a car closely following them.    “You deserve to be called Senior, you’ve such a high vigilance,” Even at times like these Feng Hao still did not forget to throw in a few praises. “In another six months, your vigilance will be just as high.” While Ling Lang was talking, the speed of the car didn’t slow down, instead it became faster. As they neared a remote alley, they turned into it without any warning. Just when Feng Hao was sighing emotionally that everyone who becomes a famous celebrity will also become a car racing master, he discovered the paparazzi behind them was also not to be trifled with; he was actually able to keep up.   Ling Lang drove while speeding all the way. Feng Hao noticed the scenery along the way becoming more and more familiar, and discovered that this was the direction towards Ling Lang’s house.  Suddenly he understood Ling Lang’s intentions; after such a...

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Waiting Upon You – Chapter 2 Act 5 Magic

Waiting Upon You – Chapter 2 Act 5 Translator: PKitty TLC: Momoe Pom Editor:  Lady Blue, Puissansa Quality Check: Noa First Published on Ainushi.    Act 5, Magic     The movie was a nationwide box office hit. There all sorts of announcements followed. Ling Lang had always disliked attending any kind of promotional activities, but there will always be that one or two promotional activity that can’t be rejected. When it came to times like these, he would silently stand aside like a piece of stage equipment – luckily, the media had long been accustomed to it.   At the broadcasting studio, Ling Lang sat in the corner of the three-person sofa, leaning against the side. Feng Hao sat in the center seat next to him, and the other side was empty. The lack of distance between them counts as having invaded into Ling Lang’s personal space. He didn’t understand what the other party was even thinking. As a professional actor, he clearly knew that sitting like this would display an imbalance on the television screen, but it was as if Feng Hao did not know about this; even the director of the program did not correct him.   After a short phase of routine questions, a montage of exciting highlights from the movie started being broadcasted on the big screen. Naturally, the first interaction between the both of them...

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Waiting Upon You – Chapter 2 Act 4 Mass

Waiting Upon You – Chapter 2 Act 4 Translator: PKitty TLC: Momoe Pom Editor:  Lady Blue, Draygan Quality Check: Noa First Published on Ainushi.    Act 4, Mass   At that moment, as he turned around, it gave Ling Lang the illusion that Feng Hao’s image overlapped with that of the character he played in the movie. The overbearing feeling of oppression that pervaded the air was considerably overwhelming compared to when they were filming.   The feeling lasted for only a blink of an eye, before vanishing so quickly that Ling Lang felt that it was just his imagination.   Feng Hao once again recovered his usual grin, “Senior, I have told you before that I am your fan. Look! Here is proof, I didn’t lie to you.” Ling Lang stared at him closely, wanting to find a crack in that perfect smile of his.   “Why do you have that photo?”   Feng Hao lifted his head to look up at the enormous picture of Ling Lang that was on the wall, “That’s because this photo was taken by me.”   “What?”   “The day of the performance, the one in charge of taking photos was a senior from the same club. However, something cropped up at the last minute and he was unable to make it to the play so he asked me to take his place,” Feng...

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Waiting Upon You – Chapter 1 Act 3 Picture

Waiting Upon You – Chapter 1 Act 3 Translator: PKitty TLC: Momoe Pom Editor:  Kai Quality Check: Kai First Published on Ainushi.    Act 3, Picture “You want to continue working under me? Okay, ” Feng Hao spread his legs widely, “ Just crawl through my legs and you will still be my dog.” Ling Lang had never experienced such a great humiliation, right at this moment, he could have stood up and took the completely unguarded Feng Hao as a hostage. It would allow him to retreat safely from the green dragon gang and go back to being a cop. However for the sake of eradicating the evil forces, for the sake of avenging the wrongful death of his girlfriend, he trembled as he made the first move, then the second… Everyone in the hall laughed loudly without restrain. Ling Lang had just crawled a few steps, but without any warning, Feng Hao firmly gripped his legs, causing Ling Lang to be unable to advance nor retreat. Feng Hao ‘s charming voice slowly resounded throughout the huge IMAX theatre, “Did you think that it would be so easy to be my dog?” A close up of Ling Lang’s face was being broadcasted on the screen, he had his eyes closed, brows furrowed, with an expression of pain. A moment later, he slowly lifted his head, as he opened his...

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