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Author: Sakhyu

Midnight Cinderella – Chapter 6

Translator: Sakhyu TLC: Midnight Editor: Forseti Quality Check: Me3 First Published on Ainushi.   He Zhiyuan came to help Jiang Ran package things. In the afternoon, he had wanted to invite Jiang Ran to go out and eat dinner. However, Jiang Ran said she was too busy packaging and shipping out the goods. Thus, He Zhiyuan volunteered to go over and help her. But He Zhiyuan hadn’t expected that there would be so many packages before the Chinese Valentine’s day. The two of them had divided up the work before working together and unwittingly worked until twelve o’clock. Jiang Ran felt a bit sorry for him in her heart as she apologetically told him, “It’s already twelve o’clock……the rest of the things I can finish packaging myself, you should go home and rest.” He Zhiyuan didn’t really mind, replying, “It’s fine. Fortunately I came over to help, otherwise, with so many things, you would’ve had to pull an all-nighter.” Jiang Ran smiled. She was just about to say something when her little dog suddenly rushed over. “Woof woof!” He barked twice in an unfriendly manner toward He Zhiyuan. Jiang Ran quickly hugged him into her arms. “Er Huang, what are you doing? You don’t recognize Big Brother He Zhiyuan anymore?” “……” Who recognizes a Big Brother He Zhiyuan ah! “He came here to help me pack, so how could you bark...

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Midnight Cinderella – Chapter 5

Translator: Sakhyu TLC: MoMoePom Editor: Toyo Quality Check: Forseti First Published on Ainushi.   Currently, Jiang Ran was awfully busy. The number of purchase orders had increased significantly with the approaching Chinese Valentine’s Day. She had no choice but to stay up the whole night and finish collating the purchase orders received today, so that she could pack and mail everything out the next day. In the silence of her room, her phone pinged, indicating a new message on WeChat. Small Sweet Potato: Dear, you haven’t gone to bed yet, right? DaKeKe Proxy Service: No, I’m pulling an all-nighter to finish accounting for all the purchase orders. 🙈 Small Sweet Potato: Oh oh, it’s hard on you 🙈 . Um… I wanted to ask you if you’ve used the 0.01 mm condoms you ordered last time? (>///<) Do they really not break? (>///<) DaKeKe Proxy Service: I…haven’t had the chance to use them yet… Small Sweet Potato: Hahahahahaha! Don’t feel discouraged. It’s almost Valentine’s Day, go go go! Jiang Ran: “……” DaKeKe Proxy Service: Those condoms have been tested under high performance, so the quality is guaranteed. If you want to buy them you should do it quickly! They’ve been selling a lot these days and there’re only three boxes left in stock. 🙈 Small Sweet Potato: …Seems like everyone is trying very hard. Give them all to me ah. 🙈...

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Midnight Cinderella – Chapter 4

Translator: Sakhyu Editor: Forseti Quality Check: Puissansa First Published on Ainushi.     Using the QQ number his mother sent him, Feng Jing added the Heavenly Master’s secretary into his QQ. ChangXin Studio Little Honey Tangerine: Hello, I am Changxin Studio’s secretary Little Honey Tangerine, how may I help you? ^_^ Feng Jing: “……” They actually blatantly opened a studio! ChangXin Studio Little Honey Tangerine: Hello? ^_^ F.J: Hello. F.J: It’s like this. I have a friend, who’s recently been turning into a dog every night. ChangXin Studio Little Honey Tangerine: Turning into a dog? What are the specific details? F.J: Everyday, around twelve o’clock midnight he would turn into a dog, and then he’ll turn back around six in the morning. ChangXin Studio Little Honey Tangerine: Uh……are you sure he really changed into one? Was it not a dream? F.J: It’s certain……in addition, I helped him record a video. When he possessed the dog’s body, the dog also entered his. ChangXin Studio Little Honey Tangerine: (⊙o⊙) Looking at your description, do you mean to say that your friend switches souls with a dog? F.J: Yes. ChangXin Studio Little Honey Tangerine: I’m sorry, soul swapping isn’t part of our business scope. [☞☜] Feng Jing: “……” So it was possible for a Heavenly Master’s range of services to be this distinctly divided!? F.J: Have you ever thought about broadening your business?...

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Midnight Cinderella – Chapter 3

Translator: Sakhyu Editor: Forseti Quality Check: Lady Blue & Me3 First Published on Ainushi.   Seeing Feng Jing frowning across from him, Mi Xie Er couldn’t help but repeat his past words once again,“I still think it’s better to report this to Supervisor Qin.” “No need,” Feng Jing said, immediately rejecting the idea. He didn’t want this matter to become even more troublesome. “I just felt a bit emotionally unstable recently. If you tell Qin Fan, not only would it be pointless, but it would even make me feel pressured. Wouldn’t that be counterproductive?” “But……” Just when Mi Xie Er was hesitantly offering his argument, his cell phone started ringing. The caller ID showed that it was Supervisor Qin. Spotting it with his sharp eyes, Feng Jing tried to snatch the phone from Mi Xie Er’s grasp. However, Mi Xie Er was one step faster, he picked up the phone at lightning speed. “Good morning Supervisor Qin, may I ask if you have any instructions for me?” Feng Jing narrowed his eyes and glared at him, the warning in his gaze as clear as day. Mi Xie Er could not help but swallow, as he listened to Supervisor Qin on the other end of the line say,“There’s nothing particularly special. Has Feng Jing gotten up yet?” “He’s already up. Everyday he gets up on time. Actually, there’s no need for...

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Midnight Cinderella – Chapter 2

Translator: Sakhyu Editor: Forseti Quality Check: Lady Blue First Published on Ainushi.     Feng Jing woke up sprawled on the top of the hotel’s big bed. He turned off the alarm on his cellphone, noting the time to be exactly six AM. Feeling muddle-headed for two seconds, Feng Jing suddenly opened his eyes before staring at his hands and feet. “……” Everything was exactly the same as they had been before he went to sleep, except for the slight pain at the back of his head. He let out a breath before toppling back onto his pillow. Sure enough, it was only a dream. Inexplicably, he once again remembered that woman’s slim neck and beautiful collarbone. No no no, he wasn’t a person like that. Only, that woman’s beauty really aligned with his tastes too well, so……did he create such a woman for himself in his dream? ……He began to seriously contemplate whether it was time for him to find a partner. Feng Jing glanced at the front of the room, where he saw his assistant appear in the open doorway, before closing the door behind him. “Mi XianEr,” he called lazily before rubbing his hair and sitting up. Mi Xie Er was his assistant. His last name was Mi, his first name was Xie Er and he was Chinese. Let’s not talk about why a Chinese person would...

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