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Mob: Chapter 32 – That is a threat! What do you want me to do?

Mob Chapter 32: That is a threat! What do you want me to do? TL: syk Editor: LadyBlue QC: Mochi First published in Ainushi       I sat on the edge of the bed as Suou kneeled in front of me. I never asked him to kneel. I never said it! What on earth does this guy want to do. Honestly I don’t understand nor do I want to understand. I have a feeling that it’s going to be too troublesome. [Hey! Why did you take off the blindfold? Won’t I die if I look at your eyes!?] Although it is only a rumor, they do say that there isn’t any smoke without fire; I’m sure there’s probably something. But since I don’t know what that is I became needlessly more scared since human beings feel anxiety and fear of  things they don’t understand. [Didn’t I tell you that it was okay? The blindfold was only to make the rumors seem true. Nothing will happen even if you look at my eyes now] I did look at his eyes at that time and indeed nothing happened. Time passed and nothing happened so what he said is probably true. I slowly turned my eyes back to Suou. As expected nothing happened as I looked into his eyes. Suou eyes are a very beautiful crimson color. I liked it to...

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Mob: Chapter 31 – What was beyond was something unknown

Mob Chapter 31 – What was beyond was something unknown TL: syk Editor: Puissansa QC: LadyBlue First published in Ainushi   I could feel myself floating for a moment. It was cold, like a freefall a long way down. When that calmed down, the dazzling light became gentle and I could feel gravity again as my feet landed on the ground. My right hand was firmly grasping Suou, I could also feel his presence. All that’s left is to hope that this is indeed my room.   When I nervously opened my eyes, it was my familiar room! Unconsciously I was about to cry out but since it’ll become a big problem if Mooks-san found out, I held  back. So as I lost strength, I became lax and sat on the floor.   [Haa~ I’m really glad. We were able to teleport safely]   I was really relieved. Although I had to teleport due to Suou’s unreasonable request and we were cornered because of Suou, I am really glad that I succeeded. Owahh~ the floor is stained with blood… my clothes, hands and feet are also bloody. I glanced at Suou, he too was covered in blood, but not as much as me. And so, it turned into two people in a state that could not be explained.   Haa…I cast purification magic on both of us as I...

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Mob: Chapter 30 – Beyond self-satisfaction

Mob: Chapter 30 – Beyond self-satisfaction   TL: syk Editor: Puissansa QC: LadyBlue First published on Ainushi   While I was frozen on the spot, Suou moved to the closest man in black collapsed on the floor. He crouched beside him and searched him. After a while, he looked up at me. [They can’t be saved. Look at this] I went forward and looked at where his finger was pointing at. Some kind of magic circle was among the bloody lumps that could barely be made out to be human.. [This is?] When I asked him, Suou scrunched up his eyebrows and opened his mouth, as if he detested it.   [This is magic that is currently forbidden in any country. It is one of the so-called forbidden arts. Moreover, this magic circle was cast over and over again. Brainwashing is invoked in a consistent form; their unclear remarks when we confronted them on the street must be because of this. I don’t know when were they brainwashed, but after  a physical breakdown from the inside of their body and psychological breakdown as well, up till when everything ends, this magic circle was permanently secured  so it would not lose effect. When they die, the effect ceases.It was even fixed such that the magic power won’t leave any traces of the magic circle and caster. All that is left...

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Mob: Chapter 29 – Is it done by the same human being?

Chapter 29 – Is it done by the same human being? TL: syk Editor: Isabelle QC: MochiMochi95 First Published on Ainushi Remembering the feeling of my body being pulled towards something, I jumped up to my feet at that disgusting presence. I worked hard until Mooks-san came back, and when Mooks-san returned late at night I went home together with him. I was sleeping on the bed when I had a really bad feeling and woke up. I could still feel the unpleasant sensation. This had never happened before. I became confused because I didn’t know what it was. How should I describe the internal body? The external mana essence was extremely disturbed. I tried to calm down the sense of discomfort that was running through my confused head and body, and after thinking for a while, I suddenly realized something. Did something happen to the men in black!? I immediately probed for the mana essence of the magic but it was disconnected. Beside me cancelling the magic myself, it would naturally be released if the target person died. That’s right, it being disconnected meant that the men in black were about to die. It turned out just like Suou said it would. I instinctively clicked my tongue and immediately cast detection magic zeroing in on the mana essence but nothing could be detected. I searched but there were...

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Mob: Chapter 28 – What I want to hide and do!

Chapter 28 – What I want to hide and do! TL: syk Editor: Kagami QC: Mochi First Published on Ainushi       After seeing Mooks-san and Suou off, I headed to the sofa and table set. First, I needed to clean up the teaware and then work hard on my tasks. I definitely wanted to preempt the prohibition on going out and taking on subjugations requests!! Otherwise, my body would become dull and, above all, I wouldn’t be able to make money. Even if I had a contract with Suzuella Company, I couldn’t rest assured. One might worry about not having any money, but there’s no one who worries about having too much money. I got fired up while washing the teaware. After I finished with the teaware, I went back to the Chief’s office. Originally, I would head to the office room, but before I worked hard, there was something I wanted to do. Now that I couldn’t leave the Agency, there was something I could only do here, because it would be bad if it was seen by other people. I put up a barrier to prevent anyone from entering the room. Mooks-san wasn’t here and it was only for a brief moment, so it was okay. After I took a breath, I closed my eyes and concentrated on all the nerves in my entire body...

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