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Stop Bothering Me, Emperor: Chapter 5 – Seatmate

Chapter 5 – Seatmate Translator: lilina TLC: Puissansa Editor: Kittsune Quality Checker: MochiMochi95 First Published on Ainushi.   At first, Qiu Ming Yan didn’t get what Song Xiao meant by his words. She stood there, stupefied for five whole seconds before she reacted, her whole body trembling in anger.     “Song Xiao, what do you mean by that! Are you calling my mother a maid?” Song Zheng, who sat by the side, suddenly screamed at him.     Song Zi Cheng was unsure as to what kind of expression he should keep on his face. He felt his son’s arrogant and bossy side was very funny, but on the other hand, he felt that Song Xiao had gone too far, so he spoke up to address the situation: “Xiao Xiao, how could you say something like that! Ming Yan, there’s no need to argue over what the child said, he has lost his memories. You should sit down and eat.”   “Xiao Xiao, Auntie knows that you don’t like her very much, but you’re already a teenager, so you can’t just…” Qiu Ming Yan panted for two breaths after she sat down, but she couldn’t stop herself from speaking up, continuing to talk till tears ran down her face.   When Song Xiao saw her crying as she took a seat, the crease of his brows tightened, and he turned...

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Stop Bothering Me, Emperor: Chapter 4 – Memory

Chapter 4 – Memory Translator: lilina TLC: Momoe Pom Editor: Lady Blue Quality Checker: Kittsune First Published on Ainushi. Pretty soon, Song Xiao had thrown the unhappy thoughts about the concubine to the very back of his mind, and concentrated on studying his family’s car. He felt very curious about this car that could move so fast even without the help of horses, but he only sat on his seat demurely, admiring the high buildings outside in his heart silently, and focused his gaze upon the driver at the front. Song Zi Cheng, who sat by his son’s side, didn’t know what to talk about with him. He saw a pair of brightly shining eyes watching the driver with the utmost concentration and laughed as he said: “Do you like cars? As soon as you get your driver’s license when you turn eighteen, I’ll get you one even better than this.” “Alright, thank you very much father.” Song Xiao smiled with his eyes closed. Even though he was a scholar, he enjoyed things related to horses and vehicles very much. When he was still living in the Imperial Academy, Yu Jin Tang had always used the excuse of horse-riding to go out with him. At the thought of Yu Jin Tang, Song Xiao felt downcast. He was now reborn as the son of the owner of a theatrical group, and he...

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Stop Bothering Me, Emperor: Chapter 3 – Concubine

Chapter 3 – Concubine Translator: lilina TLC: Puissansa Editor: Lady Blue Quality Check: Noa First Published on Ainushi.   Today was the premiere of the company’s huge budget movie《The Lodge at the End of the World》, and the heroine, Qiu Ming Yan, was an old lover of Song Zi Cheng. So, both in public and in private, he had to lavish her with compliments. Although, his assistant had reminded him earlier that today was the day Song Xiao would be released from the hospital.   Song Zi Cheng felt a little awkward about this situation.   This child had been unsociable since he was small, he wouldn’t cry or even laugh. The doctors said that he had a slight autistic disorder and it hindered his ability to express his emotions.   As the head of an entertainment industry, Song Zi Cheng frequently appeared under the spotlight. He was unwilling to let others know about his son’s imperfection, so he always raised him as a normal child and didn’t even send him to a special school.   If he went to the hospital to pick up his son and not to the premiere, there’s a huge chance it would draw in paparazzi. He heard that Song Xiao had lost his memories, and could possibly be weirder than he was in the past. It would be bad if the media were to know...

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Stop Bothering Me, Emperor: Chapter 2 – Reborn

Chapter 2 – Reborn Translator: lilina TLC: Puissansa Editor: Kiti Quality Check: Isalee First Published on Ainushi.   Slender fingers paused on the line “Both the emperor and the empress are buried within Zhao Mausoleum” for a long time. Song Xiao slowly heaved a sigh, closed his book, and pressed the button by the head of the bed.   Along with a deafening ring, a chubby nurse wearing a light pink dress rushed in asking, “Ready to pull out the needle?” “Yes.” Song Xiao nodded, and raised his left arm that was connected to an intravenous tube, “Sorry to trouble you, Sister.”   “Aiyah aiyah! No need to be so polite!” Having such a delicate and fair-skinned young man calling her sister in a clear and bright voice, anyone’s heart would melt with adoration.   The chubby nurse smiled so wide that one couldn’t see her eyes. She skillfully unwrapped the medical tape and pressed a cotton ball on the insertion point with one hand while her other hand swiftly removed the needle. She then told the young man to press on it.   Song Xiao pressed down on the spot where the needle had just been removed from and nodded to the nurse in gratitude. As he waited for his arm to stop bleeding, he picked up the history book on the bed and started reading again.   “This young...

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Stop Bothering Me, Emperor: Chapter 1 – Buried Alive with the Dead

Chapter 1 – Buried Alive with the Dead [1] Translator: lilina TLC: Puissansa Editor: Kiti Quality Check: Noa First Published on Ainushi.   In the winter of Jing Yuan’s seventh year, on the third day of October, the snow was falling heavily.   “What are you people so frightened for? If he’s not cured, each and every one of you will be buried alive with him!” The voice of a man that still sounded a little young and childish echoed within the emperor’s chamber. He turned back and sobbed in grief, “Elder brother…”   A man lay on the imperial bed with both eyes closed tight. His face that was of matchless handsomeness was now shaded pale with sickness.   Even so, his whole body still emitted an unconcealable imperial dignity that demanded respect. This person was the emperor of this dynasty, His Majesty Yu Jin Tang, the emperor of the era of Jing Yuan.   The emperor of Jing Yuan ascended the throne at 25, and even though he had only been emperor for 7 years, His Majesty had done all he could to make his country prosperous.   When the Huns attacked last May, the emperor personally led the army to fight against the attackers and was able to drive them back over 300 li. The whole nation jubilantly celebrated his feat. And so, when the news of the emperor’s...

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