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Broken-Winged Angel: Chapter 55 [Epilogue]

Chapter 55 – [Epilogue] Zhao Yu Xiang’s Diary #3 Translator: XHu Editor: Isabelle Quality Check: Kittsune First Published on Ainushi.   Today was family health checkup day. Dad and Papa paid close attention to everyone’s health in the family, so everyone in the family had a thorough physical exam every year. It’s really because the older and richer people get, the more afraid of dying they are! There are many tests I didn’t need to get since I was just a twelve-year-old boy. I finished my exam very quickly — I was growing nice and strong just like last year. Dad and Papa accompanied Mom to the gynecology clinic, and I didn’t know where Grandma Yu went. I could only wait in the hospital’s president’s office to wait for them to find me. After a while, I suddenly saw Dad’s car drive away from the hospital through the window, and I froze. I wasn’t even in the car. How could they just leave without me? Could it be that after raising me for twelve years, they couldn’t put up with me clinging to their wife, so they decided to finally abandon me? I hurriedly ran out to go find the hospital president to have him send me home. I didn’t have any money on me, and I didn’t have any way of taking a cab. I also didn’t want...

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Broken-Winged Angel: Chapter 54 [Epilogue]

Chapter 54 – [Epilogue] Zhao Yu Xiang’s Diary #2 Translator: XHu Editor: Isabelle Quality Check: Kittsune First Published on Ainushi.   Dad and Papa both went to Japan for a business trip. Because time was tight, and Japan’s weather had already turned very cold, Mom didn’t go since she doesn’t like the cold. Even though they would return tomorrow night at the latest, I was very happy because I could spend a day with Mom without being interrupted. Mom even made dinner for me. This was my first time eating Mom’s homemade cooking. Her culinary skills are really amazing, and it’s not any worse than Grandma Yu’s who ordinarily does the cooking. I didn’t understand why Dad and Papa didn’t allow Mom to get close to the kitchen. Grandma Yu said it was because there were all sorts of dangerous cutting tools in the kitchen, so Dad and Papa were afraid of her using knives again. Later, I sneakily looked at Mom’s wrist, and I saw a very faint scar. Even though it was already barely visible, and she usually covered it with jewelry and things like bracelets, it was definitely present. “Why did she try killing herself?” I asked Grandma Yu, but she refused to talk about it. My guess was that it had something to do with not being able to escape from Dad and Papa. Before...

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Broken-Winged Angel: Chapter 53 [Epilogue]

Chapter 53 – [Epilogue] Zhao Yu Xiang’s Diary #1 Translator: XHu Editor: Isabelle Quality Check: Kittsune First Published on Ainushi.   Today we had music class, and we had Mrs. Hong who has the crappiest voice ever. She taught us to sing that stupid corny song, “My Family is So Happy”. I seriously don’t get why kids these days need to learn these childish songs that are a total waste of time. Even though I totally didn’t want to do it, I still opened my mouth and sang along with everyone else. Mom says that no matter what I do, I still have to act according to my current age and position. I’m just an ordinary five-year-old kid in school, and I’m not any genius or son of the Zhao clan. As such, I still need to act with the same amount of childishness that other kids my age had. When we were about halfway through the song, Little Tian who was sitting next to me suddenly burst out crying and sprayed a pile of snot and tears everywhere. It was disgusting. It was nothing like the beautiful scene every time Mom cried, which would make your heart ache on the inside. It’s no wonder that the two big men in the house get frazzled like the world is ending every time they see Mom’s tears. Mrs. Hong immediately...

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Broken-Winged Angel: Chapter 52

Chapter 52 Translator: XHu Editor: Isabelle Quality Check: Kittsune First Published on Ainushi.   “Miss, are you awake?” Mama Yu gently knocked on the door to my room. “Come in, Mama Yu. I’m up already,” I swiftly replied. Mama Yu pushed open the door and walked in. When she saw me combing my hair at the dressing table in high spirits, she seemed to think something was strange, but she was still very grateful. “Miss, you look a lot better than yesterday.” I joked with Mama Yu childishly. “I’ll grow old if I spend all day moping around. I’m already thirty years old, so I have to take good care of myself.” “Miss… the young masters are waiting for you downstairs… they… they…” A difficult look returned to Mama Yu’s face. I knew what Mama Yu wanted to say. I walked over and gently leaned my head on her shoulder. “Mama Yu, don’t worry about us. I’ve already made my decision.” In the living room, Zhao Yi Bo and Zhao Yi Xuan were already waiting downstairs in impeccably dressed suits. Their expressions were absolutely gloomy, and their mental states looked miserable. It looked like they hadn’t slept at all the entire time, and I felt a tiny amount of vengeful pleasure inside. I ignored them and walked straight past the two of them into the dining room. Then I...

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Broken-Winged Angel: Chapter 51

Chapter 51 Translator: XHu Editor: Isabelle Quality Check: Kittsune First Published on Ainushi.   A climax that I was well-accustomed to finally ended, and I laid motionlessly from exhaustion. The shackles that bound me only left me inches of space to move, and yet I didn’t even have the energy to budge. I was defeated with my wings broken. However, the twins did not leave immediately after their lust was sated like they usually did. Instead, they took out the keys and gently released the locks on my limbs and neck. I couldn’t believe what they were doing. What was this supposed to mean? Were they finally setting me free? “You’re letting me go?” My voice was hoarse after not speaking for so long. “Mhm. We’ll go out together in a little bit.” Zhao Yi Xuan spoke softly and helped me put on a faded pink dress. I already couldn’t remember how to express the excitement inside me. Finally. I could leave this narrow cage. After cleaning up, we left that small stifling room in the basement. Since my eyes hadn’t seen the sunlight for so long, they shut reflexively when they encountered the blinding light outside. Zhao Yi Bo immediately grabbed my waist and steadied my unstable body. “Be careful!” he said tenderly. He picked me up and didn’t put me down until we had gotten into Zhao...

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