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B1G1F — Chapter 037

Translator: Mandarin TLC: Juzi Who is Crayon Shin-chan[1]? (2nd Edit) Ye Sanshao moved closer, his cold eyes filled with a dangerous glint as he pinned her down with his tall, lanky body. His scent was already quite faint and...

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B1G1F — Chapter 036

Translator: Mandarin TLC: Juzi Meeting at That Bar Again! The silence in the car was explosive. This was the first time Cheng Anya had been close enough to touch Ye Sanshao since seven years ago. This man was born with exquisite...

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B1G1F — Chapter 035

Translator: Mandarin TLC: Juzi Editor: Tangelo It’s Only My Heartbeat (2nd Edit) Had he just come from Yun Ruoxi’s place? This thought lingered in Cheng Anya’s mind like a demon. A faint and weak, but distinct, sour feeling...

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B1G1F — Chapter 034

Translator: Mandarin TLC: Juzi Editor: Tangelo Bitterness When Cheng Anya finally arrived at Central Plaza, she immediately caught sight of Ye Sanshao’s silver Rolls-Royce. It was already near 11:00pm, so the General sales...

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B1G1F — Chapter 033

Translator: Mandarin TLC: Juzi Father and Son’s First Conversation 2 (2nd Edit) “My name is Cheng Ningyuan!” Ning Ning said, his voice not hiding that he was smiling. A soft and immature voice like a spring wind’s caress, or a...

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B1G1F — Chapter 032

Translator: Mandarin TLC: Juzi Father and Son’s First Conversation 1 “Ruoxi, If there’s a day that Ye Chen will get married, he’d surely pick you!” Ye Chen said, on his exquisite face was a kind of gentle coldness, promising...

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B1G1F — Chapter 031

Translator: Mandarin TLC: Tangerine Do You Love Me? (3rd Edit) “Chen, have you sincerely loved anyone?” Yun Ruoxi softly asked, a hand covering his heart. Who had this place once loved? “I love you!” Ye Chen’s gaze swept past...

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B1G1F — Chapter 030

Translator: Mandarin TLC: Tangerine Aristocratic Resentment (2nd Edit) Ye Chen’s eyes dropped to the bustling nightlife outside the window, his exquisitely graceful face exaggerated by the dim lighting. Half bright and half...

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B1G1F — Chapter 029

Translator: Mandarin TLC: Tangerine The Lips are Ye San’s Forbidden Area Ye Chen’s gaze was peaceful and heavy. His mood couldn’t be read just by looking at his refined evildoer face. He couldn’t keep the face of the woman...

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B1G1F — Chapter 028

Translator: Mandarin TLC: Tangerine Editor: Jafz Cheng Anya’s Warped Education 2 (3rd Edit) In this lifetime, Ning Ning was her best gift. He was the apple of her eye, and Cheng Anya wouldn’t let anyone injure a single hair on...

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B1G1F — Chapter 027

Translator: Mandarin TLC: Juzi Editor: Satsuma Cheng Anya’s Warped Education (Second Edit) Ning Ning divided the fruits, vegetables, and meat into neat rows. Washing a pot and plugging in the rice cooker, he smiled gracefully...

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