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Masculine Puppy: Chapter 7

Chapter 7:  Warm. And Soft. Translator: Isabel Editor: Kai Quality Checker: Me3 First published on Ainushi.     It started after the two people separated their interlocked lips. The surrounding air started swelling up...

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Masculine Puppy: Chapter 6

Chapter 6:  Huk? Aren’t These Sex Toys? Translator: Isabel Editor: Kai Quality Check: Noa First published on Ainushi.   ‘[Special] Photo of Executive Director Song Yoon-Hyuk! Exclusive Information! Exclusive Report!’  ...

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Masculine Puppy: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The Male on My Bed is Human Dae-Shik Again? Translator: Isabel Editor: Kai Quality Check: Draygan First published on Ainushi.   At that moment…! Dae-Shik’s body started shrinking.   “Wh-what is this!”  ...

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Masculine Puppy: Chapter 4

Chapter 4:  I Told You Not To Touch¹ Me! Translator: Isabel Editor: Kai Quality Check: Lady Blue First published on Ainushi.   “Can’t I live here?”   W-wait! What did you say? You want to live here? Here, with me?...

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Masculine Puppy: Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Can’t I Live Here? Translator: Isabel Editor: Lady Blue Quality Check: Mztlplx First published on Ainushi.     Ji-On couldn’t shake off the leery feeling even after she arrived at work. How could the...

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Masculine Puppy: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Who are You! Why did You Strip Me! Translator: Isabel Editor: Isalee Quality Check: Kai First published on Ainushi.     “Who are you! Why did you strip me!”   Wh- what? Ji-On became slack-jawed from the...

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Masculine Puppy: Chapter 1

Chapter 1: His Hot Breath on My Chest Translator: Isabel Editor: Isalee Quality Check: Lady Blue & Kai First published on Ainushi.   Underneath the starless, night sky, a bus chugged across the Han River Bridge.  ...

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