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Category: Ossan Idol

Ossan Idol: Extra

Ossan Idol: Extra Translator: Hasr11 Editor: Isalee PR: Forseti First published on Ainushi Radio 『MiYoShi!』〜Let’s Compose a Song〜 <Opening Theme> 「Good evening everyone! I’m Miroku, planned vocals for 344(MiYoShi)! 」 「The same,...

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Ossan Idol: Chapter 24

Translator: Hasr11 Editor: Forseti First published on Ainushi 24. The Feelings of the Surroundings and Miroku’s Sense of Distance. 「I heard the radio! I’ll be cheering you on 344!」 「Um, I like the easygoing and smooth and rich...

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Ossan Idol: Chapter 23

Unedited Translator: Hasr11 23. The Unit Name and Unforeseen Work. 『Three Ossans in a set』might be unusual, but little by little, their jobs as models increased. They’d certainly be called for GAINA’s Suit Feature. Their...

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