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Category: Underground Dungeon

Underground Dungeon – Limits

Limits TL: Krrizis Editor: Nahct   Giant Bat Wing: Inferior processed meat that acted as the Giant Bat’s wing 「Eh… An inferior processed meat… Could this be an ingredient?」 What remained was a somewhat pink looking wing...

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Underground Dungeon – Appraisal

Appraisal TL: Krrizis Editor: Nahct   「Ability… Appraisal?」 Level:1 HP:10/10 Ability:Appraisal 「Uh huh, it increased, huh… 」 Recalling the time when my character stats first surfaced and thinking about it, I decided to...

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Ainushian Ramblings

18/06: Looking for JP translators to take charge of some projects. Message me \o

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