Author : Hata Ryousuke

The Thousand Year Wiseman, Kite.
He was successful in achieving the greatest wish of all wisemen – Creation of Life
But the moment he saw the figure of the baby that had just been born, a certain emotion sprouted in Kite, who only held interest in research till then.

Damn it, my daughter is too cute!!

Kite, who turned into a doting parent in an instant, set out on a journey, seeking the best childcare environment.
This story is a child rearing record of the strongest wiseman who would excessively protect(overkill) if it is for the sake of his daughter.

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Volume 1

Volume 2


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Chapters :

Prologue : The Thousand Years Wiseman,Received a Daughter

My Daughter’s Name

This Child’s Name is Fiona

In Health and In Sickness

The Journey to the Imperial Capital

My Daughter’s Proper Education

My Daughter is Cuter

Taking a Bath With My Daughter

Master’s Familiar

The House of the Witch of Fresh Blood

Forever 17-years-old

I Decided To Enroll My Daughter In the Magic Academy

A Family Not Joined by Blood.

The Forged Birth Certificate.

The Problem of the Maid Clothes

The Secret Feud in the Principal’s Office †