Author: Fujiyama Soshin 

Kokkuri-san? I’m not talking about that fake spiritual technique!
Confession (Kokkuri) -sanーーThat is the greatest honor given to those who crack the ultimate secret mystery of a love confession. Finally, just as a girl who had mastered the secret of 【Extreme Truth Helmet 】, decided to confess to a senior whom she did not like much, but was the number 1 cool guy in the school, a formidable enemy who had mastered the same secret appeared.

I don’t care if if I like him or I want to go out with him or not, I can’t forgive myself till I bring her down!
Foolish girls fascinating enough to be refreshing, with the feeling that the ingredients of love have gone somewhere else, the curtains raise on a Battle・Clique・Confession.


1. Wait, I’ll Confess to You After Half a Year

2. I fought Before Confessing.

3. Ask the Bride Saint the Ultimate Secret Mystery of Confessing

4. A Mere Shadow of a Confession

5. If You Can, Please Don’t Confess

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