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Broken layout

Hi Ainushians! I'm aware that there's been an issue with the website. A recent update has rendered some of my assets to go bonkers. We're doing our best to try and find a fix for it ASAP. Should the fix fail, we will revert to the previous layout or switch to another....

Underground Dungeon Resumes!!!

Underground Dungeon has found a new home! Thanks to Libert8 for picking up Underground Dungeon. To those who have read the work and would love to see more shorter material, do check out Libert8's site :

Maou No Ki – Prologue Chapter 1

Hi. I am I, a super noob translator just practicing my Japanese comprehension which where left in a attic for a long time, gathering dust. Might as thanks those people who edit this chapter. Chapter 1: A new life. Not reincarnation TL: I Editors: Nahct,...

New Member No. 1

Hello, hello~ This is mandarin from Orange Translations! (a baby blog most of you probably don't know about //insert shameless plug-in) I will be working on a project for kriz that will be posted primarily here. My fellow translator, mikan, will also be translating a...

Relaunch of Ainushi Translations

With the launch of the new site, comes the launch of a new team. Ainushi Translations has now grown to a healthy number of 8 staff and 2 collaborators. We'll be bringing you a variety of Chinese, Japanese and Korean projects in the near future. Suggestions are very...


I added a Twitter account so those who aren't reliant on Novelupdates can get updates on Twitter.   Warning: I love to talk about my favorite TV shows/anime/manga and games. Occassionally I rant a bit too 😛 If you're not interested in it, it's ok to NOT follow...

Ainushian Ramblings

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As the only project that’s updated regularly is Loner and Juliet, we intend to eventually convert and maintain an archive for projects for at least another 5-10 years down the line, if there’s a project you would like us to maintain the archive for, example: other PRIEST works, please reach out to us on including a link to the files to add to our website.


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