As the Minor Gay Love Rival in Het Novels (Fast Transmigration)

Author: XiXI Li Category: Transmigration, Rebirth, Danmei (BL)

Status(Novel): Complete         Status:(Translation): Ongoing



In the traditional Mary Sue het novels, there are always four types of people. The male lead possessing a kingly tyrannical aura. The Mary Sue female protagonist. A malevolent female minor character who never sees the female protagonist in a good light. And lastly, the second male lead with an unshakable infatuation, that will never change even if the world ends.

But with the rapid increase of an army of fujoshi, there is another type of role growing day by day. The one foolishly in love with the male lead… the male minor character, referred to as the gay male minor. They have a similar infatuation with the second male lead. Their fate is, if they do not die of old age, lonely and alone, then they would definitely become some obstacle, which eventually will be rid of by the main character.

Fan Yuan is someone who walks in many different universes, acting the role of the gay minor character. He was enjoying it, until one day, with his superb acting skills, he bent the male lead. o(╯□╰)o

Fan Yuan (confesses love) : “I don’t want to be your *little brother at all. Actually, I’ve always loved you.”

(* xiongdi – younger fellow disciple in a cultivation sect setting)

A certain person (gaze back lovingly) : “Me too.”

Fan Yuan ((⊙_⊙)?):“……”

This brother, you got the wrong lines!


Warning: MC is the uke. This is a 1V1 pairing with HE!


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               Chapters: 122-danmeila


Table of Contents

Prologue (Chapter 1)

Chapter 2.1

Chapter 2.2

Chapter 2.3

Chapter 2.4

Chapter 2.5

Chapter 2.6