Silent Reading


Author: priest

Publisher: JJWXC




Childhood, upbringing, family background, social relations, traumatic experiences…

We keep retrospecting and seeking out the motives of criminals, exploring the subtlest emotions driving them. It’s not to put ourselves in their shoes and sympathize, or even, forgive them; it’s not to find some reasons to exculpate their crimes; it’s not to kneel down before the so-called “complexity of human nature”; nor to introspect social conflicts, much less to alienate ourselves into monsters.

We just want to have a fair trial – for ourselves and those who still have hope for the world.



A seme thug specialized in dealing with various kinds of disobedience vs. a cowardly and dissolute uke descended of a rich family

(Luo Wenzhou X Fei Du)

rivals turned  lovers


Please take note of the protagonists.

Older seme.


Genre: suspense and mystery, urban love

Protagonists: Fei Du, Luo Wenzhou




Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – Prologue


Volume One

Chapter 2 – Julien One

Chapter 3 – Julien Two

Chapter 4 – Julien Three

Chapter 5 – Julien Four

Chapter 6 – Julien Five

Chapter 7 – Julien Six

Chapter 8 – Julien Seven

Chapter 9 – Julien Eight

Chapter 10 – Julien Nine

Chapter 11 – Julien Ten

Chapter 12 – Julien Eleven

Chapter 13 – Julien Twelve

Chapter 14 – Julien Thirteen

Chapter 15 – Julien Fourteen

Chapter 16 – Julien Fifteen

Chapter 17 – Julien Sixteen

Chapter 18 – Julien Seventeen

Chapter 19 – Julien Eighteen

Chapter 20 – Julien Nineteen

Chapter 21 – Julien Twenty

Chapter 22 – Julien Twenty-one

Chapter 23 – Julien Twenty-two

Chapter 24 – Julien Twenty-three

Chapter 25 – Julien Twenty-four

Chapter 26 – Julien Twenty-five

Chapter 27 – Julien Twenty-six

Chapter 28 – Julien Twenty-seven