Author: Momose‬ (桃瀬)

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This is a heartwarming slice-of-life fantasy.

On a rainy day where Rio was coming back from a supply delivery, he picked up a tattered child. The child had an obvious impairment and was a Beastman, who were persecuted in this country. From their first meeting in summer when they were 9 and 17, how will their relationship change that winter, after a passage of seven years?

The romance of a black wolf beastman and a golden hair and blue-eyed human.

Chapter List:

Main Story:

1. Rain (Rio)

2. Sun (Rio)

3. Thunder (Rio)

4. Snow (Rio)

5. Rain, Then Sun (Neil)

6. Thunder, Then Snow (Neil)

7. Spring is Near (Rio) [NSFW]

8. Spring is Near (Neil) [NSFW]

9. Rainbow (Rio/Neil)


10. A Warm Autumn Day (Rio/Neil)

11. Summer Breeze (Rio) [NSFW]

12. Summer Breeze (Neil) [NSFW]

13. Starlit Night (Rio)

14. Starlit Night (Neil)

15. Moon-Viewing (Rio/Neil)