Wiseman 15

学院長室での暗闘 †

The Secret Feud in the Academy Head’s Office (T/N : Would principal be better?) †


††(Iris Seymour PoV)


During the time Kite and the others arrived in the Duchy capital, and were carefreely shopping and eating at the department

store, there was something of a dispute goin on in Leangrad Magic Academy.





A certain teacher changed colour and jumped into the trustee’s office.

Karrenin (lit : Kariinin) , the academy head, looked at that figure in an amused manner.

He was the Wiseman who held the nickname of the grey mediator. His age amounted to 80.

Just like many teachers this academy, he followed the philosophy of not being young in some respects.


It wouldn’t take him long to get outraged enough to leap out of the academy head’s office out of breath just like the teacher that appeared in front of us just now.




Because he didn’t even reproach the teacher who jumped into the Principal’s office for his impoliteness.

That young one was a sorcerer that belonged to the fifth class.

He was a formal teacher at this Leangrad Magic Academy.

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