Loner and Juliet: Chapter 24 Plan 1

Chapter 24 – Plan

TL: Cryarc

Editor: Shirani

First Published on Ainushi




「Here we go, Andou-kun, 『Aan』 please?」


「Come on, even Asakura-san is willing to feed the loner Andou-kun like this…… Won’t you hurry up and accept it?」


Currently, a lot of male students filled with murderous intent glared at me at the cafeteria… Class rep pressed my back, Asakura-san tried to feed me while saying 『Aan』……

How did this happen? (Andou)


ーーーーーーーーーーーSometime agoーーーーーーーーーーー


Ki~n ko-n ka ka-n ko-n♪


It’s lunch break! Now, let’s invite Andou-kun! (Asakura)





Alright, lunch break! Let’s go to the convenience store. (Andou)


Hey! Andou-kun is about to leave to corridor! Isn’t he moving way too fast!? Waiiiit! Andou-kun, reviens-moiiーーーーーiii!* (Asakura)


「Andou-kun, may I have your time?」

「Eh, class rep! What’s wrong? Why are you ambushing me at the door……」


Eh, class rep!? Why is class rep talking to Andou-kun in the classroom? (Asakura)

「Actually, did you know that 『cabbage roll stuffed with spring cabbage & spring cabbage soup meal set』, which uses plenty of limited-time spring cabbages, will be sold at the school cafeteria starting from today?」

「What’s with that splendid meal set with vegetarian appeal that uses only spring cabbages…… I didn’t know about that though, so?」

「Since this is a good chance, why don’t we eat at the school cafeteria together?」




Heeeeeeeeeeeeee! C-Class reeeeeeeeep! You, you’ve deceived me by saying that you don’t like Andou-kun, right! How cruel! Even though you know how much I’ve wanted to invite Andou-kun for lunch, you still snatched that chance right in front of me…… Class rep! You’re a Devil! Satan! Geez, super Satanachia!

Class rep, I’ve misjudged you―――― (Asakura)


「Additionally, if you don’t mind let’s eat lunch at the cafeteria with Asakura-san too?」

「By all means, let’s go together!」



Class rep, seriously an angel*! Thank you Class rep-sama! I believed in you! Half of this is on behalf of class rep’s kindness, but finally I made it through! (Asakura)


「Wait a minute, class rep! W-why should I eat lunch together with you? There’s no reason to……」


Yes, that’s it! How many times have I been concerned about the reason to invite Andou-kun for lunch……How, what kind of reason will class rep use to persuade Andou-kun……? (Asakura)


「Eh, do I need any reason? Then because we’re classmates, that’s enough isn’t it?」



You’re kidding….. Right? Eh, so classmates can eat lunch together without any reason? Since I’m a 『loner』, until now a “friend” is a completely alien being to me, so even if you told me that….. I won’t get it, y’know!? (Andou)


No way…… So it’s actually fine to invite people without any reason, what a blind spot. As expected of class rep! She can calmly pull off something I couldn’t do! (Asakura)


「Eh…… You’re kidding, right? Class rep, with that reason?」

「That’s right. Asakura-san?」

「Y-yes! That’s right! There’s no need for a reason to invite classmates for lunch. It’s something obvious, isn’t it?」

「Uh, didn’t Asakura-san also sound surprised just now……?」

「Are you sure……? Andou-kun won’t eat lunch together with us? Even though it’s a rare chance to eat with Asakura-san too?」

「Uh…… Well, I’ve always eaten outside the school…….」

「By the way, I won’t take any reason for refusal, you know? This is class rep’s order.」

「Then, why did you ask!?」


Fufufu, somehow it’s working, I’ve managed to invite Andou-kun and Asakura-san for lunch.

I’ve noticed it! Even if I keep performing my duty for Asakura-san’s love consultations as usual, it seems unlikely for their relationship to develop any further. That means Asakura-san’s consultation will keep increasing. In that case, ideally if I help by tricking them to stick together, I’ll be relieved of this burden. Then I will earn Asakura-san’s trust and my position in class will be firm. This plan is sure-fire ! Fufufu…… The two of you, prepare yourself for this lunch break, ok? (Class Rep)


I did it! Finally I’ll have lunch with Andou-kun! I’m looking forward to this! What shall we talk about? (Asakura)


Crap…… Just by spending lunch break with the fairly popular class rep I’ve been getting aggro* from our classmates, furthermore, by spending lunch break together with the most beautiful girl Asakura-san I’m getting too much aggro from the whole of male students in school that I can’t stomach it.………… (Andou)



 To be continued



TL Notes:

  1. Because me and Agni as the translator for Loner and Juliet are being busy with IRL, the translation will be much slower. Thank you for the understanding.
  2. Reviens-moi means come back to me, since Asakura-san actually said “come back” in English in the raws. Credit for Jaon on the french.
  3. Cabbage roll:
  4. As probably some people guess, it’s the same as Subaru’s from re:Zero’s “maji tenshi” moment lol. To be exact it was “Iinchou, maji tenshi!”
  5. Aggro: (Online gaming, MMORPG slang) To become aggressive towards the player’s character. In this case Andou-kun consider people around him as monsters and they sees him as a target lol. In the raw the word used is ‘hate’ which is a term used in Final Fantasy games as Japanese counterpart of the western ‘aggro’ term.
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  1. Reviens moi actually mean “come back me” and no “come back to me”
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